Mushroom Kreplach: A Purim Adventure

Remember that Purim song from when you were a kid? “My hat, it has three corners…” Who knew three-cornered hats could be so delicious? Purim kreplach – check them out!

Jewish Food Gets a Modern Twist

Everyone here in Austin smokes brisket and Jews braise it. So, I did a dry rub of coffee on the brisket, braised in bourbon, finished with cranberries. My friends ask for that every year for Thanksgiving.

Who the Folk?! Daniella Martin

Daniella Martin—author, mom and insect eater—tells us why locusts are the most authentic Jewish food, how to make cricket matzo and which Minnesota bugs have her captivated.

Bubbe’s is Best: Maurine’s Rugelach

Everybody has that one dish that they say their “Bubbe’s (or Zayde’s) is best.” As part of an ongoing series, we’ll be interviewing Sholom residents and families to discover their […]