The Wandering Jew: Re-Living The Siege of Leningrad

I am translating my grandmother’s diary from the siege of Leningrad. I see her words, fading on yellowed crumpling paper, smeared with tears, and letters that were mangled by a shacking hand. I see her as she weaves between the realities of her mind and those of the world outside.

Occupy Wall Street, Unions, and Yiddish Socialism

Before Occupy Wall Street, there was the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union, and the Jews at its helm. Jewish Ideas Daily looks at a new book by Daniel Katz about that movement, and its parallels to Occupy Wall Street.

Hanukkah? It’s Greek To Me

Bradley Machov retells the ancient drama from an era that “reads like a Mafia crime drama” and draws a modern day analogy to make sure you really understand the miracle of the oil.