Mushroom Kreplach: A Purim Adventure

Remember that Purim song from when you were a kid? “My hat, it has three corners…” Who knew three-cornered hats could be so delicious? Purim kreplach – check them out!

Got Noshes? Gluten-free Treats Prove Tricky

Food is an essential ingredient in Jewish life. So says my partner, Liddy, and I’m sure most agree with her. Last April, when my naturopathic nutritionist recommended I eliminate gluten, […]

A Difficult but Meaningful Fast

Fasting is an incredibly powerful tool for seeing deeper within ourselves and the world around us. Enter: Yom Kippur. A reflective article for the Highest of Holydays by Rabbi Avi Olitzky.

Shiksa Eats: Spaghetti Pie

Whether you have kids, or just are incompetent at eating spaghetti- like myself, this recipe turns spaghetti into a sliceable and eatable dish for the whole family.