A Pole Dancer Walks Into A Synagogue

Combining a pole dancer, crumbling synagogue, feisty friends, 1930s porn videos, a local Jewish day school, religious awakening…and a ghost, If You Don’t Weaken centers on a young woman’s quest to observe a year-long ritual of mourning for her grandfather.

Why I Am Against Synagogues

I don’t believe in synagogues. You heard it right. This is not to denigrate or attack my fellow rabbinical colleagues, but not only do I not believe in synagogue, I believe that G-d Almighty also never intended for such an edifice to have been built. Before I get sacked (like Seahawks QB Russell Wilson’s recent performance) please read on…

Tallit Magic

When I said the bracha and wrapped myself in my Tallit I was no longer an observer. I was not on the outside looking at others but feeling the embrace of my own tallit. And each time I run my hands through the fringe and wrap the tzitzit around my finger, I am transported back to being 3-years-old in shul, sitting next to my dad.

Building an Ark of Sanity

AISH Rabbi Da-vid wonders at just what kind of “strangers” we are inviting into our homes, and into our children’s hearts.