Minnesota Mamaleh: About Help

There have been a frightening number of teenagers killing themselves as a result of being bullied. Read that again. Killing. Themselves. Scared? Me, too.

Minnesota Mamaleh: Just This Afternoon

Fall is here. All the signs say it’s true. Backpacks, zipped. Lunches, packed. And new shoes, breaking in. For once, we’re doing what all good Jews do. We’re taking it outside.

Minnesota Mamaleh: About a Bad Day

It’s easy to talk about the halo-glowing parts of being a mom. Ding! But some days just aren’t like that. It does a soul some good to share *those* days, too.

Minnesota Mamaleh: About Joy

We feel so Minnesotan “roughing it” cabin style. Dishwasher? No. Mosquitoes? Plenty. But shockingly, our getaway was refreshing. Some might even call it joyful.