PopRocks: Mainly in Washington

Greetings, PopRockers! We’re gonna mix it up and get a little political this week (in a manner of speaking)!

Big Jewish news this week – Chelsea Clinton is getting married. To a Jewish boy. With whom she went to shul on Yom Kippur. At the Jewish Theological Seminary. This is not a rumination on how Chelsea scored an NJB (this may be fodder for a future Jew-Date Diaries entry?). Wondering if she’s going the Ivanka Trump route? So are lots of people (note: the previous link includes a forum about interfaith marriages, especially in light of the “December Dilemma”).

PopRocks: Dishing on “New York, I Love You” and Natalie Portman’s Head

Natalie Portman has a really pretty head. This was, for my money, the main takeaway from her role as a frum bride-to-be in the movie New York, I Love You, which was also overshadowed in advance publicity for the movie by her role as a director for one of the short films that make up the larger movie. The whole thing was good, please don’t get me wrong – but her head definitely got short shrift in reviews this time around.

Announcing PopRocks: Pop Culture with a Jewish Bent

TC Jewfolk’s new column PopRocks will be a place to explore pop culture with a Jewish bent – some celebrity gossip (sorry, Sean); some reactions to Judaism in television and film; and even an occasional recommendation…and sometimes just questions to chew on, like “Why haven’t they changed the name of American Movie Classics since they changed the programming choices?”