Moishe House is Ready to Rock – Silently

Moishe House Twin Cities is so excited to host our 2018 Silent Disco Hanukkah Party! What the Hanukkah is a Silent Disco? A Silent Disco, also known as a Silent Rave, is a new DJ solution for throwing epic parties. But now, without disturbing your neighbors! Each attendee will be given a set of wireless […]

Bad for the Jews: Rabbis bootlegging, money-laundering and cheating

Within the last two months, three money-laundering conspiracies have been exposed, each implicating a handful Orthodox Rabbis, religious Jews, or Israelis. Last week, the Grand Rabbi of Spinka, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect, and four associates, plead guilty to criminal conspiracy as a result of a decade-long $8.5 million tax fraud and money-laundering scheme. Two weeks […]

Your vote: the most important Jews in American history

The National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia has announced an elaborate poll on their website to determine the identity of 18 of the most important and remarkable Jews in America for an upcoming exhibit on the Philadelphia Mall. The exhibit will be called “Only in America” and will, according to the Museum, “illustrate […]