This Year in Israel: Living in the Dark

I feel too numbed to list the outbursts of hate, sometimes enacted with knives, guns, or rocks; or the statements of political leaders and special-interest stakeholders that often look more like verbal violence than constructive dialogue. The world is experiencing so much darkness, and I’m afraid.

HaBaitah For The Holidays

Christmas is not a big holiday for most Jews. But for converts to Judaism, Christmas often means a trip home for a porkless reunion with the mishpacha.

God Bless the Whole World – No Exceptions

How is it that people made in the image of God can enact evil? This is a question without an answer. But our tradition insists upon the pure and holy essence of every human being. No exceptions.

For Those Who Love Israel, Enough is Enough

Today, in Israel, the ultra- secular and the ultra-Orthodox are locked into a vicious cycle which brings out the worst in each. The question isn’t whether a group has radicals, but what the non-radical majority intend to do about it.