Hey Jews: Be Louder, Be Prouder

ride is this weekend, people! Being personally invested in both our Jewish and our queer communities in the Twin Cities, I searched for events happening in the Jewish community to celebrate Pride. […]

The Rabbi Is Gay, But That’s Not The Story

While the Post let me know the rabbi’s name, age, and e-mail to the congregation with his decision to come out, I learned nothing about the experiences people were enjoying at his synagogue. Would they describe Nobel winner Malala Yousafzai by talking about her love life?

A Sense of Belonging: My Conversion Story

I grew up in a silent spiritual world, the seed of what was yet to come, planted so deeply, it took years to sprout. But when it did I discovered healing, wholeness, a sense of belonging—to my synagogue, Shir Tikvah, and Judaism. But it took a long time, and required a lot of help, to get there, to get to this moment.