Top Posts of 2013

Our top posts by month from 2013. Posts from Rabbi Latz, Carin Mrotz, Sharon Rosenberg-Scholl and more!

Anti-Marriage Vote: A Year Later

It’s a year today since we voted on the anti-marriage amendment. This time last year we were at a stopping point in a long, difficult, involuntary journey. It was a nervous 18 months, leading up to a horribly scary day.

Don’t Postpone Joy: Edie and Thea

Their story is about LGBTQ rights and equality. Their story is about access to health care. Their story is about family. Their story is about financial privilege. Their story is about many things. But most of all their story is about finding joy with someone and holding onto it with everything you’ve got.

Ian's Happy Ending

” There was this crazy thing where grown-ups were behaving badly, but MORE of the grown-ups were doing the right thing, and he will remember that.”