A Little Bit Of Light And A Lot Of Bit Of Love

Getting to know Grandma and Gramps was one of the biggest perks of my marriage. My husband is lucky enough to have grown up with both grandparents, a privilege I never had. And they are the most awesome couple alive. We went to visit them with our son this Sunday, and we walked in on […]

Marriage Monday: Letting Go

I don’t remember how long the kitchen clean up took but I remember how tasty the pasta and challah was. To have a spouse who goes all out and makes such tasty dinners, that is the big deal.

Ask Shuli: Oy Vey, No Bedroom Sparks

Dear Shuli: At this dark, rather dreary time of year, my partner and I notice that our sex life really loses its spark. Do you think a vacation will help? — Six-Year Itch