Going Up: Minnesotans in the Israeli Army

Standing on a Jerusalem street corner on the one trip I made to Israel, I had an overwhelming feeling that most of my life had been spent asleep or in hiding. The Israelis I saw all around me, on the other hand, seemed alive in ways Americans were not; their hearts awake and on their sleeves.

Jay Michaelson to Speak on The Religious Case for Same-Sex Marriage

Jewish writer, scholar, and LGBT activist Jay Michaelson comes to the Twin Cities to teach about how Jewish and Christian religious texts and values actually support same-sex marriage, and how amendment opponents can bring a religious perspective to conversations about the proposed Minnesota state constitutional amendment.

On Sukkot: Celebrating the Secret Holiday

Like the house Anne Frank lived in when she and her family were in hiding from the Nazis, Sukkot is a secret holiday, translated literally, as booths. Sukkot is a pilgrim’s holiday, honoring those who wandered forty years in the desert and those who made arduous journeys to the holy temple of Jerusalem while living in temporary dwellings along the way. A symbol of life’s fragility, it is made of branches and beams with ample space for the intrusions of sun and rain.