A Letter To Our Children

Shir Tikvah Rabbi Michael Adam Latz writes a letter to his two children about marriage, love, Judaism, tikkun olam, and what the results of last week’s election say about our future.

Jay Michaelson to Speak on The Religious Case for Same-Sex Marriage

Jewish writer, scholar, and LGBT activist Jay Michaelson comes to the Twin Cities to teach about how Jewish and Christian religious texts and values actually support same-sex marriage, and how amendment opponents can bring a religious perspective to conversations about the proposed Minnesota state constitutional amendment.

Bet Shalom Supports Marriage Equality: Join Them, This Sunday

Bet Shalom’s opposition to laws like the anti-family Minnesota Marriage Amendment, which would constitutionally ban same-sex marriages, is well-grounded within both the Reform Movement, Jewish American popular opinion, and our strong American tradition of the separation of church and state.