To Be a Jew During Election Time

How does our identity as a Jew influence our politics? Is it possible to separate our Jewishness from our political attitudes? A week away from the election Sarah Brammer-Shlay examines the answers.

Sexy Hanukkah Music, Gilad Shalit, & a Focus on the Family Boycott: this week’s Shavua Tov

Don’t miss this week’s hottest Jewish news. Prez. Obama selects an Anti-Semitism envoy, a deal is brokered for kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, Focus on the Family repulses us all with its newest boycott, a new movie on God opens at the Lagoon (we have the trailer), and we give you the sexiest Hanukkah song you’ll ever hear (with a free download). Shavua Tov. Hope you all have an awesome week.