Shabbat Infusion: The Torah is Political

On my first trip to the State Fair I had my first taste of state politics, not just fried pickles on a stick. Candidates mingled with fair-goers at the great Minnesota get together to discuss a wide range of issues. I don’t believe the Torah is registered in a partisan way, DFL or Republican, but shines a […]

The Power of Citizenship

The world loves to remember JFK. Schools and streets have been named for him; parks, buildings, and an airport bear his name. Children are named after him. He is quoted in speeches. His words rest on plaques and refrigerator magnets and bumper stickers. Images of his face adorn book covers, posters, and the walls of college dorm rooms, offices, and people’s homes. He is one of only a few figures in American history known simply by his initials—no further identifying factors are needed.

Peace Treaty Troubles

If the treaty with Egypt must be gutted to save it, something may be terribly wrong with the underlying land-for-peace approach.