God Bless the Whole World – No Exceptions

How is it that people made in the image of God can enact evil? This is a question without an answer. But our tradition insists upon the pure and holy essence of every human being. No exceptions.

I Want to Know What I'm Praying For

Because I don’t know the seriousness or extent of my condition, I’m not ready for Mi shebeirach. Until I know where I stand, I don’t know what path to follow next. When I pray, I want to know what I’m praying for.

In Joshua’s Shoes: Home Shul?

One thing that I miss from Minneapolis is a shul that I can call my home. Here in Israel, I have been shopping for a congregation that I feel comfortable praying in.

Who Belongs at the Kotel?

TC Resident Laurie Radovsky was at the Western Wall when Women of the Wall Chair Anat Hoffman was arrested. Here is Laurie’s story, in her own words – an exclusive to TC Jewfolk.