Mushroom Kreplach: A Purim Adventure

Remember that Purim song from when you were a kid? “My hat, it has three corners…” Who knew three-cornered hats could be so delicious? Purim kreplach – check them out!

A Tale of Two Antisemites

There is a madman in Tehran who is sworn enemy of the Jewish State, and is unabashed in the brazen declarations of his goal to “erase Israel from the pages of time.” Many centuries ago, in ancient Tehran, then known as Persia, lived another antisemite.

How We Spend Our Days Is How We Spend Our Lives

It’s the month of Adar, my friends, the month when Purim occurs. According to the Talmud, “When Adar enters, joy increases.” So are we supposed to simply hope that Adar will be our happiest time of the year because one particularly fun holiday falls during the month?

Recipe Contest: Crispy Hamantaschen

Each day this week we’ll be posting a new recipe from one of our recipe contest finalists, with the winner announced on Sunday at Kosherfest. Today, Alla Staroseletskaua’s crispy hamantaschen.

Deck Out Your Cirque du Purim Costume With These Tips

It’s that time of year again – the night when hundreds of young Jews from across the Twin Cities come together for an evening of epic revelry. Join the fun at Cirque du Purim III: Electrified this Saturday, March 15, from 9 pm to 2 am at Five Event Center! Pre-registering online for $10 is recommended (last […]