Marriage Monday: Letting Go

I don’t remember how long the kitchen clean up took but I remember how tasty the pasta and challah was. To have a spouse who goes all out and makes such tasty dinners, that is the big deal.

How to Make Amends to Another Person

One of the skills of a well-lived life is to be able to recognize and right the wrongs we have created through our actions. The Days of Awe present us an opportunity.

Ask Shuli: Does Texting = Stalking?

Dear Shuli: I gave my cell phone number to a woman I met recently while on a group outing with friends. She’s been sending me suggestive and embarrassing text messages—which make me uncomfortable. How can I get her to stop? — Textphobic

Ask Shuli: Who Makes the First Move?

Dear Shuli: I recently started hanging out with a new guy friend, and I wish we were more than friends. What can I do to encourage him to make a move? — Sheyna Punim

Relationships: The Space in Between

Sappy love songs make for nice car rides and play an important role in procreation, but they should not be relied upon for relationship advice.

The Jew-Date Diaries: Texting

We all have our way of keeping track of where a relationship is going. Some people document their progress through flowers bought (daisy, lily, rose), money spent (coffee, dinner, diamonds) or number of dates before sex. These days, it’s all about the text.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby (roughly translated from the Aramaic)

Depending on where you attend services the afternoon of Yom Kippur, you will hear either Leviticus chapter 18 or Leviticus chapter 19. The traditional reading, Leviticus 18 – on forbidden sexual liaisons (incest, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, etc)- was replaced in most Conservative and Reform shuls by Leviticus 19: “The Holiness Code.”