Backstage at The Adoption Play Project

Members of the adoption community were included in every aspect of the production, from script development to lighting and sound and everything in between. Their intimate involvement in the artistic process results in a production that explores its subject matter in ways that are startling raw, genuine, healing, and true.

Israel, As Told Through Graffiti

The story of Israel is a tumultuous one, and it isn’t always easy to explain. But Heffez stumbled upon graffiti as the perfect storyteller to simplify the narrative without dumbing it down. Heffez spent a year in Israel and the West Bank photographing and translating over 200 pieces of street art. Unsurprisingly, he was met with plenty of roadblocks along the way: tear gas and a broken leg, to name a few.

Get Funding For Your Art Project From Rimon

Are you a writer, dancer, playwright, visual artist, or filmmaker? Rimon: The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council is accepting grant proposals in its spring round of funding for arts-related projects.