An Israeli Curling Team? You Betcha!

If Jamaica can have a bobsled team, then Israel can surely have a curling team. The best Jewish curlers in the world descended on Blaine, MN, a couple weeks ago to test that theory.

Interview with MN Fantasy Sports Expert Michael Kibort

In 1980 a group of baseball enthusiasts met at a New York City restaurant called La Rotisserie. They created a game wherein they could “draft” Major League Baseball players onto imaginary teams, which would compete against each other using the players’ real-life game stats. This is widely regarded as the birth of fantasy sports as we know it. Today, fantasy sports is played by upwards of 32 million people in the U.S. and Canada and accounts for $3-4 billion in economic activity per year. While fantasy leagues exist for almost all major and semi-major sports, fantasy football has become easily the most popular. Temple of Aaron’s Rabbi Jeremy Fine interviewed a fantasy sports pioneer on personal sports site Below is his interview.

The Fall Of JewBall

While the ranks of Jewish basketball players continues to grow at both the high school and college level, the NBA bubble seems to have burst.