MJTC kicks off season with a Theater Performance on Women’s Health

Alice, an infertile Jewish woman in her forties, discovers a hard lump in her abdomen. After months of tests, a doctor determines that she is 6 months pregnant. Based upon true events and the book hailed by Oprah as “darkly hilarious…an unexpected bundle of joy,” this heartfelt journey through a high-risk pregnancy and the American healthcare system is told with honesty and humor…

Beth El and Disney together for one day

Countless studies have shown that engaging and fun childhood education experiences yield enriched and productive teenage and adult lives. That’s one reason why preschools tend to make every effort to prevent turning children away because of financial difficulty. In light of this, the leadership of Beth El Synagogue and the Aleph Preschool has found a creative and fun new initiative to augment the upwards of $50,000 they already allocate yearly in financial aid.

A Sukkah Party Not To Be Missed

In rabbinic texts, Sukkot is chag, the holiday. In temple times, when a person said just chag there would be no question what they meant – as the culmination of the year’s intense beginning, Sukkot was the festival, the moment of release, the time of our greatest joy. We get ourselves outside our homes, outside our routines, outside our usual relationships, and in the liminal vulnerability of our sukkot, spaces that are not inside and not fully outdoors, we experience the pure joy of exposure in company. In temple times, that would have included the joy of the greatest national barbeque of all time.