JCRC Condemns Recent Wave of Deadly Terror Attacks Against Israelis

A wave of violent terrorism has left several Israelis dead and dozens others, including toddlers and young children, seriously wounded. Beyond the obvious intent of these attacks, which is to kill Jews simply because they are Jewish, these assaults aim to terrorize Israel’s civilian population and sow additional mistrust between Jewish Israelis and their Palestinian Israeli neighbors.

Yehiyeh Beseder: It Will Be All Right.

For Israelis there is no other option. When asked how everything will turn out – the economic crisis, possibility of attack, religious divisions, the answer is Yehiyeh Beseder. It will be all right.

The Unseen Shield

The Shin Bet (motto = “the unseen shield”) operates with transparency, providing personnel with legal propriety as they fulfill the responsibility of keeping Israelis out of harm’s way. An look at the organization and its history.

Martyr in Waiting: End of a Hunger Strike

If Palestinian operative Adnan was a significant figure in the West Bank and was detained because of his danger to Israelis, was it ethical for Israel to capitulate to his demands and agree to release him?