Jericho At the MN Jewish Theater Company Is Great. Will You See It?

  I liked Jericho, the final show of the Minnesota Jewish Theater Company (MJTC)’s 2014-2015 season. I’ll admit, it’s hard to write about—in the same way I imagine a show like Mad Men is hard to write about. There’s not a ton of plot, but the world of the play is so rich, and the […]

"Joseph" Rocks Chanhassen

This is the Webber/Rice show that tells the Biblical story of Joseph – in surprising detail – in the form of a musical theater show. Think Les Mis of the Book of Genesis – or Prince of Egypt. Surprisingly, I had never seen Joseph before, and neither had my companion. Nor had either of us ever been to Chanhassen Dinner Theater before. So we were coming at the whole thing completely new.