AISH Wisdom: Stop Saying It Wrong!

If it could be said that I am considered a ”writer,” then I must address what many have as a pet-peeve and what I have as a tool to help my fellow Jews.

Good Lessons from Bad People

Jerks.  Bad people.  Annoying people.  Mean people.  We all inevitably will be faced with the challenge of having to deal with these characters at some point in our lives.  Some […]

A Jewish Exploration of Halloween

In 2010, I gave a sermon about the complexities Jewish Americans face each year on October 31st. After my sermon, I was approached by two different congregants. The first applauded me for being the first rabbi to get up and say that the celebration of Halloween by Jews was wrong, though I said no such thing. The second hugged me because she had been battling this dilemma for quite some time and now was happy her rabbi had permitted her kids to go trick or treating. Again, I made no such claim. At that point, it was clear to me that Halloween is an issue for Jewish Americans. I realized the need for some deeper research into Halloween, its history, and how Judaism should approach this common secular practice.

Curious Tales of the Talmud

“The stories in the Talmud reveal an imaginative richness and a striking sense of an ongoing task of narration as a crucial part of the interpretation and preservation of a treasured culture.”