The Power of Healing

Debbie Friedman has given the world many gifts, but perhaps most precious are the gifts of blessing and healing.

Shabbat: A Time for Life

Whether you consider yourself shomer Shabbat or “nowhere” Shabbat, setting aside a day every week for rest, refreshment and reflection is beneficial. It’s not just good for your spirit; it also supports good, healthy living.

Jewish Guilting and Shaming

Guilt provides an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, but shame can get in the way of living a happy, healthy life.

Relationships: The Space in Between

Sappy love songs make for nice car rides and play an important role in procreation, but they should not be relied upon for relationship advice.

Avoiding the New Year’s Resolution Trap

As if we haven’t gotten enough of this sort of thing during the High Holy Days, the secular tradition of making New Year’s resolutions lays out the challenge for each of us to call into question the validity of the way we live our daily lives.