Party Thanksgivukkah Style on Wednesday Night

Thanksgivukkah. By now we all know how about this rare and historic convergence. We all celebrate Hanukkah. We all celebrate Thanksgiving. As the phenomenon of Thanksgivukkah touches every American Jew, […]

Alef List: Summer Swan Song

The calendar gets a little quiet as we head into the holidays, but there’s some great Jew to Do’s as we wrap up this week. Check out the Alef List for the best.

Young Leadership of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation – Defying Segmentation

This is just a sampling of how being active in Young Leadership has affected my life. But no matter what you are looking for, whether it’s networking, friendship, dating, volunteering opportunities, etc., there are people and possibilities here ready to make a difference in your life. That’s because all of us come to the Federation for different reasons, from different backgrounds, and each has a unique story. So when we all come together, we don’t partition ourselves into little sub-segments of clearly defined characteristics, we interact, make new connections, and broaden our own experience.