What the Bleep?! This Week’s Hot Jewish News, the Sarah Palin Edition

She just doesn't get it.

A lot of crazy $#^& happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: Sarah Palin and the blood libel, Congresswoman Giffords on Israel, Glenn Beck and the Jews, Arabs in Israel, deceptive billboards and more.

Sarah Palin’s dumb-ass use of the word “blood libel,” one fraught with pain to the Jewish community. Palin called journalists’ comments against her and other conservatives a “blood libel,” a term solely used throughout history to refer to the terribly wrong accusation against Jews that they kill Jewish babies and use their blood in Matzoh. And Jews were slaughtered because of that accusation for hundreds of years.  Especially to use this language in conjunction with her comments about the attempted assassination on Jewish congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords is reprehensible.

And because it’s still funny two years later… or not…


While you’re praying for the health of Congresswoman Giffords (may she live to be 120), read this article about Congresswoman Giffords’ passion for Judaism and for Israel. Pretty remarkable.

Jewish Funds for Justice tries to get Glenn Beck kicked off Fox News. Good luck with that one.

Jews for Palin? Not in this country. JewsforSarah.com is registered abroad. WTF!

A major East Jerusalem apartment complex is going to stay Jewish, thanks to pressure from Jews around the world. A Palestinian investor was going to buy the property to sell all the apartments to Palestinians.

Too many Arab refugees in Israel? Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu thinks so. What do you think? Add your thoughts to the comments.

New mag for “Jews of Color“. Sweet!

Deceptive anti-Israel ads hit billboards in California (and elsewhere?). Happy Israeli and Palestinian families but the message? End U.S. military aid to Israel. Yeah, that’s how we can protect our strongest ally in the Middle East – cut her off from essential military aid and support so that she is destroyed by the surrounding Arab nations. Brilliant.  Ads sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace and American Muslims for Palestine.

Israeli government cracking down on lefty political groups for terror ties. Woah.

Any other crazy Jewish/Israel news? Post it in the comments below. I’m sure I’ve missed something….

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  1. Yeah…I don’t get this.

    First, what you said isn’t true. Blood libel isn’t solely used to describe this, it’s been turned into a metaphor about false accusations. The ADL issued a statement saying that this week.

    Second, after insulting Palin for using a Jewish tragedy for political gain, you then posted a video in which someone uses a Jewish tragedy (Nazis) for political gain (to insult McCain/Palin during an election).

    So you literally just reasserted the same thing to literally just mocked.

    And the blood libel statement wasn’t reprehensible at all. It’s debatable, yes, but then you weren’t the one that was libeled. Sarah Palin was. Actually, I was too. Me. Because I’m on the Right, and a Tea Party supporter. I was implicated in a bloody murder spree based on lies.

    Jews have a right to defend our history, but we don’t have a right to be the only victims. And we don’t get to copyright tragedies.

  2. One of two things happened:

    1. Sarah Palin didn’t hire the correct person to write her speeches and statements. Since she has a record of despising people with Ivy League educations, those from the East Coast, and those who read newspapers, she probably hired an intellectual equal. Not saying much. The use of the phrase “blood libel” can certainly be debated all you want – it was still a very poor use of words after this tragedy. Not only was a Jewish Congresswoman purposely targeted, but her Jewishness may have actually played a part. My point here is that Sarah Palin and her hired help might have missed history class a few times.

    2. Sarah Palin knew exactly what she was saying and relishes in this attention. She has a sickness – it’s called media whore-ism. She needs to be in the news and for her smug face to be plastered everywhere. If Sarah Palin and her teabag followers want to take zero responsibility for their words and actions, then she had no business making any statement at all. Case in point: Arizona Senator (and the only reason we know the name Sarah Palin), John McCain, has kept his mouth shut all week.

    If there is any good news to come out of this, it’s that Sarah Palin’s ship has sailed. Only a matter of time before she disappears into irrelevance.

  3. Yeah, we have a sickness we cite too. It’s called Palin Derangement Syndrome. It causes the afflicted to hate everything about Sarah Palin no matter what she says or does.

    The media connected Sarah Palin directly to the murders withing a half hour of the event and spent the better part of a week blaming her and the rest of the Right. Then when she addressed the issue, the media said she was making it all about her. That’s insane.

    Also, there’s no evidence whatsoever that he targeted her because she was Jewish. And the blood libel is in reference, obviously, not to Loughner but the media and the left, that implicated an entire group of people in the murder of innocents, entirely without evidence, to further their political cause. Something, by the way, that has led to a backlash against the right in the form of a sharp upswing of death threats against media figures and activists on the right. Caused by the libel.

    It’s completely appropriate to compare them. The phase is meant as a warning to check one’s rhetoric lest people get hurt over the lies. Which is amazingly ironic, as that’s what the left falsely accused the right of doing in the first place.

    If you think your ideas are better, then argue them. Implicating your opponents in crimes without evidence is deranged.

  4. Wait a second – I thought Palin Derangement Syndrome was a completely different affliction. You know, the one where seemingly intelligent people somehow become spellbound by this moron.

    And I’m sorry Jack – you can weave in and out about the phrase in question, but the woman put a target on the heads of 20 members of Congress. She called it a hit list.

    There is something called tact and she so clearly lacks it. If Palin had any hope of winning a major political office, she would have shut her damn mouth for a change.

  5. winner? JACK!

  6. Exactly.

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich took to morning television Tuesday to offer advice to fellow potential 2012 GOP presidential contender Sarah Palin, telling the former Alaska Governor to “slow down” and be more cautious in the wake of her response to criticism following the shooting in Arizona.

    “I think that she’s got to slow down and be more careful and think through what she’s saying and how’s she’s saying it. There’s no question that she’s become more controversial,” Gingrich said on ABC News’s “Good Morning America.” “