What the Bleep?! The 2010 Halloween/Elections Edition

A lot of crazy &^$% happens in the Jewish world each week. Especially around Halloween. Or Election time. (Is there a difference?)  Don’t miss these stories: bombs in Chicago, the RJC’s creepy ad, Jews pushing for pot in Cali, Anne Frank for Halloween, and more.

Um… what’s %$^&in scarier than two bombs sent by terrorists to Chicago Jewish institutions in time for Shabbos? WTF! Thank G-d they were caught.

The Top Ten Jewish Contributions to Halloween.

What's.. up? ... in the RJC's new ad?

The Republican Jewish Coalition’s “creepy” ad against J Street in honor of Halloween bashes J Street, George Soros, and Betty McCollun in under 3 minutes. The RJC gets extra points for the “dick shot” that’s making Jewish teens crack up. (btw – the ad was an internet-only buy, in case you were wondering).

Jews push for pot in Cali. Think they’ll have a chance on Election Day? Obama’s admin is voting No.

I dare you to wear this costume for Halloween.  All you need is brown hair, brown eyes, and a yellow star that says “Juden.”

It’s Murder city in the city of … Lod? Huh? Israeli city faces politics of its own in dealing with Arab honor killings this week.

Masked Halloween-esque Protesters clash over Ahava beauty supplies in NYC.  Makes me want to rub that stuff all over my feet.


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  1. You have missed a rather important (and serious) piece of news relating to Jewish-Catholic dialogue.

    Synod of Bishops of the Middle East, that was conducted under the auspices of Vatican, and concluded on October 24, issued some rather disturbing conclusions in their officially approved “Message”.

    One of these conclusions rejects “anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism,” but adds an interesting clause: “while distinguishing between religion and politics.”

    Another states that “recourse to theological and Biblical positions which use the Word of God to wrongly justify injustices is not acceptable,” effectively rejecting the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish State. This was further supplanted by comments made by one of the participants, an American-based Bishop of a Syriac (Melkite) church in Newton, MA.

    The Middle-Eastern Synod consists of and caters largely to arab-speaking Catholics, either of arab or greek origin who, with the exception of Israel, reside in Muslim-ruled countries. It is therefore not surprising that such “conclusions” were reached. Nevertheless, they put the relationship between Jews and the Vatican in a rather awkward position.

    And of course, nothing was said about the treatment of Christians in muslim countries, but Israel was, of course, criticized.

    Opinions of local pundits involved in inter-religious dialogue is always welcome.