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Leonardo DiCaprio, a Good Looking... Jew?

A lot of crazy $%^# happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: Gaza’s surfer girls; Helen Thomas (the anti-Semitic gift that keeps on giving), rumors about Leo, Saudi Arabia and Jewish humor, right-wing Israeli rabbis get the smack-down and more.

Gaza’s Surfer girls. For real. With the help of an American organization started by a Jewish surfing star, these women are breaking barriers, one wave at a time.

One more good-lookin’ Jew? Sounds like Leo might be converting…. Sweet!

Helen Thomas is still psycho and virulently anti-Semitic. Read her latest tirade of %^$&. But good news? Her alma mater decided to no longer give out the “Helen Thomas Diversity in the Media award.” Thank goodness – how long did it take them to realize the award was sadly ironic?

And in other news about anti-Semites in our midst… two teens severely beat a Hasidic man leaving his Yeshiva in NYC, a Rabbi in NYC alleges that the U.S. Army isn’t letting him be an army chaplain because of his beard (um…what?); and Texas Republicans seek a “Christian” instead of the current Jewish speaker to run their legislature.

Israel’s forests are burning. And Arabs are cheering. Surprised?

Saudi Arabia doesn’t get Jewish humor. This is hilarious.

You know things are getting bad for Israel when people start protesting humus. A funny but serious piece about the latest ^%$&ed up boycotts of the Jewish homeland’s delicious exports.

We are not those who hate us. That’s the clear message for the 47 right-wing Israeli rabbis who made the awful ruling in Israel this week that Israelis shouldn’t rent to Arabs. Just because Jews are terrified to live in Arab countries and territories doesn’t mean Arabs should feel the same in Israel. Israel’s Attorney General is investigating the ruling. Israeli politicians (including Israel P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres) rabbis, and the Jewish community around the world is decrying it. And some of the Rabbis who made the ruling are even backing off. Add your comments below and stay tuned.

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  1. Good luck to Leo, since I’d be surprised if any conversion he did would be good enough for the Israeli Rabbinate.

  2. It’s fun to see a nice jewish boy succeed:

    A Talmud Ace Tackles Thorny Issue of Net Neutrality
    Read more: http://forward.com/articles/133806

  3. I was very surprised to see your post condemning the rabbis letter, considering that it is well-known that the Israeli arabs are very hostile to the Jews in Eretz Yisrael, and collaborate or identify and act on behalf of terror groups. Most recently, as Arutz Sheva news reported:

    According to Arutz Sheva:

    “Radio Haifa interviewed several people who witnessed car horn-honking and other acts of public celebration in the Arab village of Furadis, south of Haifa, after news of the tragedy became known Thursday.

    “According to the report, Arab citizens uploaded to a Facebook account gruesome photographs of charred bodies of victims. Other Arabs expressed their feelings by clicking ‘like.’ The police are said to be investigating the matter and the Facebook page is said to have been closed.

    “However, the pictures have already begun making the rounds worldwide. A group called ‘Mujahedeen of Palestine,’ identified with Al-Qaeda, put the pictures of the bodies on a YouTube video. The video includes text that says ‘Muhammad’s lions’ came out at night to set alight the land of the ‘occupiers.’”

    Khaled Abu Toameh wrote today in the JPost about the gleeful response to the fire in much of the Arab world. One of the statements he shared from the Arab media (not clear from precisely where) is this:

    “Alahu Akbar! This is an effective weapon. We call on our Palestinian brothers to set fires to all forests.” (Emphasis added)


    While the Carmel Forest was the primary focus of the arson, it is important to point out that fires were also started across the country — notably in the Jerusalem Forest, but in other locales as well: in Gilo, close to Nazareth, etc. etc.. Depending on the source, it might be said that there were a handful of such incidents, or actually dozens.


    And then there is the question of whether the primary fire may have resulted from arson as well. I was ready, in the beginning, to accept the official verdict of carelessness by two teenage boys from the Druse village of Usfiya. It was said that they had a picnic and didn’t douse the flames from their cooking fire. But now I’ve uncovered too much to feel certain of anything.

    There is, for example, this from a CNN report on Friday:

    “Israeli police said Friday that they suspect arson in the wildfire that has killed at least 41 people and injured 17 in northern Israel over the past two days.

    “Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld cited ‘suspicious objects’ found Thursday. He did not elaborate.”

    While, according to Arutz Sheva:

    “…Later reports said that while most of the residents of Usfiya are Druse, the youths who were arrested are Arabs.” This is not, to my mind, a final, definitive statement, but it raises yet more questions. (Druse are loyal Israeli citizens and would not likely be suspected of arson as terrorism.)

    The father of the boys, who have been taken into police custody, claims they were framed, and that his sons were taken from their home “as if they were terrorists.” Is this simply a distraught father speaking, or did he pick up on a police attitude because there is more going on than what we’ve been told?


    If our “neighbours” are hostile and may kill us, and repeatedly have, even after many years of being employed by Jews and benefiting from their welfare system, and so on, then pikuach nefesh, concern for life, dictates that we not allow them to live near us. Even outside Eretz Yisrael, I would want to do everything possible to prevent a group of people known for their terror attacks against Jews, or even sympathies with such attacks, from living near Jews. Certainly any responsible Jew would not risk his brethren’s lives and directly enable such an enemy to live nearby.

    This is all aside from the intermarriage risk, and the damage to Jewish livelihood.

    Let’s be more concerned about Jewish safety and property than preserving an image of multicultural tolerance in the eyes of a world that doesn’t give a hoot about us.

  4. I wish Leo will be converting for Bar but I have a hard time to see that really happens as we won’t even be seen with her in public!