What the Bleep?! This Week’s Hot Jewish News

Stones Thrown at Indiana University's Chabad

A lot of crazy #$%^ happens in the Jewish world each week, and in honor of the Festival of Lights which kicked off this week, we’re going to highlight our favorites. Don’t miss these stories on the “writ of possible simcha,” Israel’s massive fire; Indiana University anti-Semitism, wikileaks, Helen Thomas’s craziness  and more.

Judge grants a “writ of possible simcha,” delaying a fraud trial for an Ortho Jewish lawyer’s bris, upon his hilariously worded and Yiddishly infused request (note the judge’s rockin’ feminist response).

Worst fire in Israel’s history kills 40 and requires 17,000 to evacuate. Awful. Started (most likely) by illegal dumping. But there are a ton of things you can do to help – click here to learn more. But what’s awesome? The number of TC organizations and synagogues spreading the word about ways their communities and congregations can get involved (Bnai Emet, Beth Jacob, Minneapolis Federation, to name a few).  Keep it up folks.

Rocks thrown at Jewish centers and Jewish books stolen and urinated upon. Sound like Nazi Germany? Nah. Indiana University this week. Think Anti-Semitism is dead? Think again.

Everyone is talking about Wikileaks. Want to read about what these stolen secret documents say about the Jews and Israel? Read it on the JTA’s blog. But I’m not going to post that drek here. Just like I didn’t post the crazy video of the Jewish hippie smoking pot with a gun on top of a mountain.  Yes, it’s news. But it $$%^ing pisses me off so you’re not going to see a link to it here. Word.

Well, last week the Palestinian Authority posted on their website that Jews didn’t start praying at the Western Wall until 1918. This week, Prez Obama said that $%^W was bull and called it so. The lie is off the website for now. The biggest news? Why this revisionist history trash wasn’t bigger news.

Oh, and in case you forgot, the freakish Helen Thomas is here to remind us all this week that “Congress, the White House, and Hollywood, Wall Street, are owned by the Zionists.” Can’t she just shut up?

Hanukkah sex tips. For real.

And speaking of sexy, check out these hot Jewish guys singing Hanukkah a cappella.


(Photo: Community News Service)


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  1. I liked the You Tube video; kind of like a Jewish Glee. 🙂

    I hadn’t heard about the fires or the windows/books at the Jewish centers. That is so sad that people feel they are justified to do illegal acts over their beliefs. They need to grow up. Seriously. I’ll check out your link for how to help the fire victims.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!