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21174 543935795645557 1350260098 n 300x300 What Were Schmoozing AboutNeed something to talk about at that happy hour on Thursday? Want to impress your friends with how hip to Jewish culture you are? Here’s a bunch of Jewish news we found interesting this past week:

- 20% of all Jewish households in New York are poor, according to statistics.

- Remember that tea kettle from JC Penney that kind of looked like Hitler? Yeah, it sold out.

- There’s a new documentary out about super Jewy comedian Mel Brooks. Here’s a list of the ten Jewiest clips from his movies. We gotta say, this is a pretty good list.

- American Apparel is selling black “Hassid” nail polish. So yeah, go get some.

- Female IDF soliders love posting scantily-clad photos of themselves, getting reprimanded, then posting more. Yiyeh beseder.

- Interesting article on the new Orthodox Judaism in Lakewood, NJ.

- It IS possible to be gay and be an Orthodox Jew. Remember that. And if you’re someone struggling, always remember that it gets better.

- I don’t listen to much rap. I don’t like Jews who create cutesy, self-parodying songs about being Jewish. But I LOVE Lil Dicky, a new Jewish rap sensation from Philadelphia. He raps about his Jewish flow, feeling inferior to his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, and my favorite, a tounge-in-cheek song about how great it is to be a white dude. (NSFW)



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