Becoming Witnesses


Note: This is the third article of TC Jewfolk Editor Lonny Goldsmith’s trip to Israel with UpStart and iCenter’s “A Mifgash that Matters,” which is being put on in partnership with […]

The Last Story


My dad told stories. Long stories. Stories about growing up in Brooklyn and about the Dodgers, about the rocket right arm of Carl Furillo and the clutch hitting of Gil […]

The Light of Moral Clarity


Hanukkah candles bring us pride and joy in a time of darkness. As their light fades, another candle is needed: the havdalah candle we use at the close of shabbat. […]

Bearing Witness To October 7


The word “atrocities” is used a lot when it comes to discussing Hamas and the actions the terrorist group took when it invaded Israel on October 7. But when you […]

Is Putting Menorahs In The Window OK For Non-Jews?


I recently happened upon a rather heated online discussion about the appropriateness of non-Jews putting menorahs in their windows during Hanukkah. The question being debated was whether that act is […]

Living Life On Two Planes


Last week I went to bed very late every night.I had to stay up to see that the day’s hostages were finally safely in Israel. I felt that if I […]

The Science of Religion: Observations from a Jewish Astrophysicist


If you go camping in the Southern California desert, outdoorsy experts will tell you to bring heavy blankets and check your shoes for scorpions. But while you’re preparing for tent […]