An Open Letter To Rep.-Elect Ilhan Omar

Dear Ilhan Omar, Hi. My name is Sarah. I’m an American-Israeli raised on Yiddish lullabies, because my Mom was the last scion of our shtetl and she would tell me stories of a world eaten alive first by pogroms, then by Nazis. I’m an American Israeli raised by Grandparents who were told on their honeymoon […]

Jew Review: ‘The Last Schwartz’

Walking into the Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company on a Saturday night always has a bit of a nostalgic feel for me as it was the first company to hire me outside of my UMN degree program. Close to 20 years later I now know more members of the audience than the production, yet the intimacy […]

Got An Extra Kiddush Cup? Heritage Judaica Can Help

The candlesticks were a wedding present. The Kiddush cup my mother brought back from a trip to Israel. The menorah the kids made in preschool. Judaism has a lot of ritual objects that hold specific meaning and family stories. In an ideal setting we’d each be bequeathed some important item, perhaps it was smuggled out of […]