Islamic Jihad Helped Me Find My Bravery

I’m sitting over my computers, bleary-eyed, weary and pale clicking through eBay. My favorite designer Eileen Fisher again. Yes, I’m powerless over Eileen but this time I have someone besides myself to blame – Islamic Jihad. Two days ago they escalated their rocket attacks over Israel. The target area is all of Israel. Last I […]

Go Retro With An 80s-Themed Sukkah Party

As we prepare for Sukkot, we look to emulate our ancestors who wandered in the desert for forty years while sleeping in huts. Here is a new twist on celebrating this holiday, with a bit of nostalgic 1980’s flair, big hair and all! While eating and sleeping in a hut in the backyard for a […]

Eat, Pray, Love: Spending Rosh Hashanah In Italy’s Smallest Jewish Community

This was not my first Jewish holiday away from home. Studying abroad in London, my friends tossed crumpets in the Thames for Tashlich. Living in rural Thailand, my boyfriend and I constructed our own menorah out of materials from the hardware store, eating our homemade latkes with mangoes from the backyard instead of applesauce. In […]

Apples, Honey and Lizzo: Dancing Into the New Year

Scene One: Minnesota State Fair. Walking up to a radio station booth advertising a giant poster of Lizzo. “Are you giving away anything cool? *looks at Lizzo* “I really wish she would just do a surprise show at the Fair.” Radio station girl laughed and shook her head. Alas Lizzo was at the MTV Video […]

Jew Review: ‘Red Sea Diving School’

Remember Steven Spielberg’s Munich? Now that was a great film! No, it wasn’t flawless by any means, but mostly exquisite. I always felt the final scene sent the wrong message. Geoffery Rush refusing to break bread with Eric Bana, is sore and spiteful that our trauma-scorched hero no longer wishes to work for the Mossad. […]