Jewish Song Of The Week: ‘Yerushalayim Shel Zahav’ by Laurie Akers

Jerusalem is a SPECIAL place. There’s nothing like walking through the Old City, visiting the shuk, and watching the entire city come to a halt on Shabbat. To me, this represents the HOPE of peace and unity between people of different beliefs and backgrounds. Jerusalem Day is this week, and so it’s the perfect time […]

Jewish Song of the Week: ‘Connected’ by Melita Silberstein

Spring is such a special time of year, and a great reminder that everything is “Connected.” For me, there’s NOTHING like going for a walk or a hike to feel part of something bigger than myself — than all of us! That’s a HUGE lesson in Judaism and it really comes through in this sweet […]

How I Became Holocaust Girl: A Story for Yom HaShoah

I got the nickname, Holocaust Girl, back in college. Little did they—the poetry department mean girls—know, instead of feeling insulted and ridiculed, as they had hoped, I loved the designation. Holocaust Girl sounds badass, like a Jewish superhero. I envision Holocaust Girl as a mortal, modern, flawed, and more relatable version of Serach bat Asher, […]

Love in a Lunch Box: Tips For a New Passover Tradition

This article originally ran in the St. Louis Jewish Light Though each of my children has gone through brief phases of packing her own lunch or buying at school, I am, for the most part, our family’s lunch packer-in-chief. I estimate that I have packed close to 4,000 so far. It is one of my […]

Moving from Constriction: A Passover 2022 Message

This year, the Passover journey from Egypt and slavery to freedom and human dignity feels particularly poignant. The Hebrew word for Egypt, mitzrayim, also connotes “the narrow place,” a place of constriction. These past two years of Pandemic, along with all that has unfolded at the same time, have challenged each of us differently, but […]

On Pesach, She

On Pesach, she would host 30 guests. Her siblings, children, friends without family nearby. The dining room table was extended to its maximum length, extra card tables snaking into the hallway and stopping at the edge of the living room where the floral sofa sat enshrined in plastic. Sunday before the first seder, her husband’s […]

My First Passover

Passover was on March 30 the first year I ever celebrated it. I remember it was a stormy spring in Los Angeles. Rainwater roared through the city aqueducts. I had never witnessed so much rain in Southern California before. Everything seemed to be moving in slow-motion, and everything seemed so vibrant and clear — grief […]

The Holiday Of Oppression Is Upon Us

For those of us making seders, the list-making has been going on for quite a while now. For those of us who change dishes and pots and every damn thing in the kitchen — we are nauseous thinking of the drudgery of the next few days. For those of us who make the prep into […]

Watching The Terror In Israel From Afar

The first quarter of 2022 that just ended brought with it many unfortunate international developments. As I was born in Ukraine and still have close family there, I was worried about the situation in the area. While the whole world is watching Ukraine, another place where the security situation was recently escalating was Israel, giving […]

Jew Review: Debi Lewis’ ‘Kitchen Medicine’

Parenthood is a complicated, often chaotic, adventure for everyone. Raising up young people to be kind, empathetic, strong, inquisitive adults is a challenge that few can claim to be prepared for. Still, we all try to get ready for anything that comes our way. We hope that our babies will be born healthy.  When Debi […]