Job submissions are available to both community organizations and for-profit businesses. If your organization is not participating in our Jewish Agency Partnership Program, job postings require a nominal fee of $18. If you are a for-profit business simply looking to reach our mostly local, highly engaged, and highly educated readership, job postings will be charged a $36 fee ($50 if you want it distributed via TC Jewfolk’s social media channels). If you are interested in an annual jobs subscription, please email [email protected]. All submissions go to the TC Jewfolk inbox for approval. If approved, you will be sent a link for payment after which the job listing(s) will be posted within 48 hours on receipt of payment.

By default, once published they remain on the site indefinitely, but we are happy to accommodate other requests. We will also periodically include links to the listings in our weekly email newsletter, where they will remain active for 60 days or until TC Jewfolk has been notified that the job has been filled. For questions or comments, please email [email protected].

As of May 1, 2019, Jewfolk requires a salary range to be provided for any job posting on our site. We have implemented this policy based on best practices in the field and in an interest to promote equity in hiring.