The Importance of Jewish Student Organizations on College Campuses


If the value in having Jewish student organizations on college and university campuses wasn’t clear before October 7, the past seven months have certainly made it clear. While it is […]

This Is Not Kent State


Comments and memes appearing on social media lately have compared the current campus protests – such as those at the University of Minnesota – to the tragic events of May […]

Resist The Urge to Conform


As Jews, we inherit a long legacy of resisting the urge to conform. From Abraham to Einstein, Moses to Yitzhak Rabin, we have a rich lineage of daring to be […]

The Light of Moral Clarity


Hanukkah candles bring us pride and joy in a time of darkness. As their light fades, another candle is needed: the havdalah candle we use at the close of shabbat. […]

Is Putting Menorahs In The Window OK For Non-Jews?


I recently happened upon a rather heated online discussion about the appropriateness of non-Jews putting menorahs in their windows during Hanukkah. The question being debated was whether that act is […]

The World Has A Short Memory


On October 8 the world was on our side. No right-minded human being could condemn any action Israel would take after the terrifying, brutal, sickening massacre the Israeli people suffered […]

Africa Night To Honor Israel An Unexpected Surprise


Last week, I attended an annual event that I have ignored, even scoffed at, in years past. What is the motivation, I wondered, for African churches in Minnesota to plan […]

Ceasefire Or Assault Not The Only Choices In Gaza


Hamas rightly deserves global condemnation for its brutality in murdering over 1,400 innocent Israelis on October 7. Not since the Holocaust has this number of Jews been killed in a […]