Show Up In 2021



While studying abroad in Spain during junior year, I decided to visit a college friend in Egypt and check the pyramids of Giza off my bucket list. There I stood, a poor college student gazing up at one of the worlds’ greatest wonders. I wanted to staple this moment in my mind, and so I […]

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The Crisis Of Dishonor



“Who is honored? One who honors others.” –Ben Zoma, Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Sages) The word COVID may be a conjunction of sorts, but the Hebrew Kavod or Kuvid is translated to mean Honor. “Kol haKavod,” Jews have a habit of saying to each other, literally meaning “all of the honor to you.” In the realm of Jewish philanthropy, kuvid is bestowed upon […]

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Point/Counterpoint: The Jewish Vote For President



With voting underway in Minnesota as well as a number of other states, TC Jewfolk has invited the chairs of Jewish organizations supporting Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump to present opinion pieces as to which candidate is worthy of your vote. Jewfolk, Inc., TC Jewfolk’s parent organization, is a 501(c)3 non-profit, and […]

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Vote To Reduce Gun Violence This Year



We are a group of Jewish women writing because we are concerned about the increase in gun violence in our state and feel called to action. Our local news outlets report that Minnesota is currently experiencing a surge in shootings and an unprecedented demand for guns and ammunition. As Jews tasked with the obligation of […]

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Bring Cancel Culture To Minnetonka



So they call it “cancel culture.” Someone says or does something racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. and then there is a consequence. Maybe it’s a TV show that gets canceled or maybe someone is forced to resign. Maybe a politician ends his campaign or maybe a product is pulled from the shelves. Aunt Jemima anyone? Social […]

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A Call to Action: Join TCJMS Alumni in Supporting Racial Justice



In the weeks after George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police, a group of Twin Cities Jewish Middle School alumni came together to talk about how we could take action as a community. As white Jews raised in Minnesota, we felt complicit and compelled to support Black-led organizing and rebuilding efforts after the uprising. Some […]

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What’s In A Word? Plenty



Let me ask you this: Have you ever witnessed a case where someone calling someone else a racist did any good? Oh, I know it helped the person using the word feel better because they got to feel morally superior, but that is a sensation that lasts only as long as it takes for the […]

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