The World Has A Short Memory

On October 8 the world was on our side.

No right-minded human being could condemn any action Israel would take after the terrifying, brutal, sickening massacre the Israeli people suffered at the hands of Hamas terrorists the day before. Not only were 1,200 citizens slaughtered and their bodies defiled but also 240 citizens — from tiny babies to senior citizens — were captured and taken off to Gaza.

But the world has a very short memory.

Just four weeks later the calls for a total cease-fire or at least a ‘reasonable’ pause in the fighting ‘must’ be declared for humanitarian reasons. We must protect the innocent people in Gaza.

Of course, there are innocent people in Gaza, especially in the hospitals, but there are also many violent terrorists hiding in the hospitals and the living rooms with these innocent people.

Since October 8 Israel has been warning, telling, encouraging, and helping the innocent citizens to move south out of harm’s way. Some, many have done so. Hamas is stopping as many as it can so they can continue to use them as pawns and human shields in their terror campaign against Israel.

“How can you evacuate a hospital?” the world cries.

Of course, you can evacuate a hospital. It takes time but it can be done and the Gazans have already had five weeks to do so. That’s plenty of time if you want to do it.

During Covid, the British built a hospital in nine days. If the Gazans wanted and were allowed by Hamas, to evacuate the hospital they could certainly have done so in the last 5 weeks. And Israel has offered to help them evacuate babies in incubators.

No one has made any mention of Hamas ‘having’ to release the 240 innocent, sick and helpless captives. To read the international press, the only innocent, sick and helpless people are the Gazans.

The ‘neutral’ Red Cross has not even insisted on seeing the captives to check that they are all alive and well which is their reason d’etre. But it does have time to condemn Israel for any infraction it believes is happening to Arab terrorists in Israeli jails.

As I stand in my kitchen in Jerusalem, baking and cooking for the hundreds of thousands of displaced innocent citizens of Israel, spread all over the country, I realize how lucky I am to be living in my own home. Two hundred thousand men, women, and children were uprooted and evacuated to save their lives and now they want nothing more than to return and rebuild their homes in the south. But they may have to wait until they can safely do so.

Hamas is saying quite openly and proudly that they will repeat what they did on October 7, time and time again.

All we want, all Israel has ever wanted, is to be able to live in peace.

We can’t live in peace if we know that Hamas could repeat October 7th. The only way we can feel secure is knowing that Hamas is gone, never to return to the borders of Israel.

Will we succeed in ridding Gaza of Hamas? I have no idea. But it’s a fundamental goal to aim for.

It’s the only rightful aim we can have if we want to enable the innocent men, women and children in our southern communities to return to their homes and live, farm their land and bring up their children without looking over their shoulders every day in fear of another massacre.