Anti-Racist Resources for Jews

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This is a living document and a work in progress. If you know of other events, opportunities for solidarity, resources, or accounts that you’d like us to promote, please let us know.

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We encourage submissions of any medium (thought pieces, poetry, art, etc.) from JoCs, especially Black Jews. If you have anything to say or contribute we want to use our platform to amplify it. Our editorial staff are available to advise whether you consider yourself “a writer” or not, and can provide technical/digital assistance. If hardware is a barrier for you to create content, get in touch and we’ll help with that too. We compensate our contributors for their content.

Here is TC Jewfolk’s full statement on how we are currently changing our strategies to elevate the voices of Black Jews (and all Jews of Color), as our mission and values demand. We apologize for our role in marginalizing JoCs who are members of our community and we are committed to doing better.

Finally, inclusion in this resource page does not imply an endorsement by TC Jewfolk/Jewfolk, Inc. and should not be taken as such. There may be links to causes or organizations below that do not fit with the thinking and/or values of every single member of our Twin Cities Jewish community. We encourage you to take a look at some of them regardless to best understand this complex situation.

Everyday Action

Upcoming Events (all events are listed at Central Time and virtual unless noted)

Attend an anti-harrassment training (Hollaback) Ongoing

Jews of Color Monthly Mindfulness Sit (Institute for Jewish Spirituality & Mitsui Collective) Wednesdays, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. Jul 12, Aug 23, Sep 13

Homeowners in the City of Minneapolis can learn about and discharge the racial covenants recorded on their properties by participating in the Just Deeds Project or participate in Free the Deeds, a public art project and equity campaign happening in September 2021.

Incorporate the Kaddish for Black Lives from Jewish Multiracial Network into your Shabbat

MPD 150: How You Can Help (MPLS, June 2020)

Vote! Request your absentee ballot to vote by mail or find out where to vote in person

Support the BREATHE Act, the Freedom to Vote Act, and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act

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Front Line Actions

via Jewish Multiracial Network

A cautionary note about attending or amplifying protest events: Anyone can create an event page. Before you share or go, find out who the organizers are. Checking their profile picture is not enough—does it look like a real account or a burner? Check to see who has shared that particular event. If the event is not organized/promoted by leaders within the affected community—or a reputable allied group—exercise extreme caution & skepticism. Attending any front line action always carries some personal risk. However, experienced organizers know how to identify, plan for, and mitigate risks. They are trained in deescalation tactics. If participants are anticipated to risk arrest event organizers should have bail or jail support prepared.

Volunteer Opportunities

Hands On Twin Cities

Twin Cities Mutual Aid Project

Organizers to Follow

Black Lives Matter Minnesota

Black Lives Matter TC Metro

Black Lives Matter St. Paul

Black Visions


Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB)

Families Supporting Families Against Police Violence

Million Artist Movement

Minnesota Disability Justice Network

Minnesota Youth For Justice

Racial Justice Network

Reclaim The Block

Twin Cities Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee

Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar

Get Vaccinated / Get Tested for Covid (if you test positive or haven’t been tested but display symptoms, stay home)

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Participate Safely, Responsibly, and Respectfully

ACLU’s guide

Communities United for Police Reform’s guide

Digital Security & SafetyGuide to Protesting

Keep track of friends who may have been arrested

Map of self-service bike repair stations

Vice’s guide

Wired’s guide

And always report racist discrimination

JCRC | MN Dept. of Human Rights | CAIR

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Jewish Community & JoC-Led Orgs

Adath Jesurun Congregation’s Antiracism Committee

Ammud JoC Torah Academy

Be’chol Lashon

Beth Jacob Congregation’s Antiracism Position Statement

Black and Jewish Facebook Group

Black Jewish Liberation Collective


Edot: The Midwest Regional Jewish Diversity Collaborative

Evolve (an initiative of Recontructing Judaism)

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Jewish Community Action

Jewish Liberation Fund

Jews for Racial & Economic Justice

Jewish Multiracial Network

Resources | Privilege Checklist | Organizational Assessment

Jews In ALL Hues

Jews of Color Field Building Initiative

Jewish Social Justice Roundtable

Racial Justice Resources | Pilot Racial Justice Framework


Joyous Justice: Diversity Coaching & Consulting

Let Justice Well Up (an initiative of Mayyim Hayyim)

Mitsui Collective

Mount Zion Temple Tzedek Committee

Multiracial Jewish Association of Minnesota (MJA)

No Silence On Race (Canada-based)

Not Free to Desist

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

Hearts and Minds: A Model Discussion About Racial Justice

Shir Tikvah Racial Justice Task Force

Temple Israel Racial Justice

Transform for Equity



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Resource Sharing ($$$)

While we make every effort to ensure that we have linked to official pages that direct funds where they say they do, please do your own research and be aware that not all of the following are 501(c)3 organizations and your donation may not be tax-deductible. We believe these are groups deserving of support regardless of their tax status.

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Organizations to Support

Al Maa’uun

All Square

Appetite for Change

Asian American Organizing Project

Asian Economic Development Association

Black Table Arts Cooperative

China Service Ventures

Coalition of Asian American Leaders

Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha (CTUL)

Hmong American Partnership

Hmong Cultural Center

Intersection of Hope

Juxtaposition Arts

Korean Service Center

Lake Street Council

Lao Assistance Center of Minnesota

The Legal Rights Center

Little Earth Residents Association

Minnesota Voice

Neighbors United Funding Collaborative

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Northside Strong x McKinley Neighborhood Organization

Philando Castile Relief Foundation

Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment

The SEAD Project (Southeast Asian Diaspora Development)

Share the Mic MN

The Somali Museum of Minnesota

Urban League Twin Cities


Individual/Family Funds

Lifting Up Auvionna “Auvi” Smith

The Daunte Wright Sr. Memorial Fund

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Resource Sharing (Goods & Services)

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Bikes & Bites Minneapolis

MN Mental Health Providers of Color Database created by Larry Yang

Phillips Free Store

Sisters’ Camelot Food Share

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Anti-Racist (Un)Learning Resources

Articles & Op Eds

5 Jews From Across the Country Share Why They Joined the Black Lives Matter Protests by Josefin Dolsten

Against Analogy by Ben Ratskoff

An opportunity to confront white supremacy and create a Jewish, intersectional future by Jared Jackson

Anti-Asian Violence Has Been Ignored For Too Long. Here’s How Jews Can Help. by Hanah Bloom

The Anti-Black And Anti-Semitic History Of “Outside Agitators” by It’s Going Down Staff

Arming Synagogues Will Make Them Less Safe – For Black Jews. Stop Erasing Us. by Bentley Addison

As a Jew of Color, I Need More People in My Community to Speak Up by Danielle Ziri

As Jews of Color, We Need You to Read This by Alma Staff

Asian Jews Are Suffering. We Need You to Listen. by Rebecca Kuss

Asian Jews Deserve Better by Gen Xia Ye Slosberg

Ashkenormativity Is a Threat to All Jewish Communities by Isaac Ofori-Solomon

Being a Black Jewish Woman in America on January 6 by Tova Ricardo

‘Believe us’: Black Jews respond to the George Floyd protests by Josefin Dolsten

Black Jewish Woman Speaks out on Racism She Experienced at L.A. Jewish Day Schools by Chana Hall, Ariel Sobel

Black Jews Are Grieving, and We Need You to Help Us Mourn by Shekhiynah Larks

Black Jews Are Not a Monolith by Jesi Taylor Cruz

The Black Jews Are Tired by Chris Harrison

Black Jews to white Jews: Change your relationship with police by Ari Feldman

Checked Boxes by Shoshanna Hemley

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Dancing between Light and Shadow – Increasing Awareness of the Impact of Covid 19 Disparities on Jews of Color by Yavilah McCoy

Dear Jewish community – here’s what to do now by Jeremy Burton, Josh Sayles, Lindsey Mintz And Rori Picker Neiss

Dear Jewish Community: We Can’t Return to ‘Normal’ by Isaac Ofori-Solomon

Dear Jews, Black Lives Can’t Only Matter When You’re Criticizing The Movement by MaNishtana

Don’t Be Silent: Black Lives Matter, Say Black Jews by Sheree Curry

Exodus and Equity series by Lev Gringauz and guests

I Helped Coin the Term ‘Jews of Color.’ It’s Time for a History Lesson. by Shahanna McKinney-Baldon

I’m a Jew of color. I won’t be quiet about anti-Semitism. by Soraya Nadia McDonald

The Heavy Baggage that Comes With Being a Black Jewish Convert by Liyah Foye

The Jewish Community Has Some Reckoning to Do by Molly Safar

Jews of Color and the Policing of White Space by Rebecca Pierce

Jews of Color, Covid-19, Civil Unrest — An Argument for Inclusion by Nate Looney

Jews of Color Deserve Teshuva by Yoshi Silverstein

Jews for Racial Justice Move the Conversation About Police Brutality Into White Communities by Chris Crass & Marjorie Dove Kent

Jews Should Understand Why Black Americans Need Reparations Now by Lilli Sher

A Letter to the Jewish Community from an Asian American Jew by Mira Baum

A Love Letter to My Black Jewish Mom by Aviva Davis

My Black Father’s Legacy by Yaffy Newman

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Other by Naomi Bethune

Raising Asian Jewish Kids in the U.S. Has Never Been More Scary by Melody Muhlrad

Show Up In 2021 by Cassie Bean

Skin in the Game: How Antisemitism Animates White Nationalism by by Eric K. Ward

Stepping Up: Reflections on How to Be an Antiracist by Sheree Curry

Things Must Change by Nyemadi Louise Dunbar, D.A. Bullock, & Melanie Walby

This Passover, Keeping Us Safe by Bekkah Scharf

Ways Your Congregation Can Act Now for Racial Justice by Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner

We Need to Stop Erasing Mizrahi Jews by Sarah Boxer

What It’s Like to Be a Black Jewish Writer by Natasha Díaz

What It’s Like to be a Trans Jewish Woman of Color by Dahlia St. Knives

What It’s Like to Grow Up As a Black Orthodox Jew by Sara Levine

What Non-Black Jews Can Do to Combat Anti-Black Racism by Clara Sophia Camber

Where Was the “Peace” 400 Years Ago? by Makeda Zabot-Hall

White Jews: Stop Calling Yourselves “White-Passing” by Nylah Burton

Why You Need to Care About Black Lives Matter by Aviva Davis

Books & Studies

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Shop at Black Garnet Books—Minnesota’s only Black- (and Women-) Owned bookstore; and/or at Birchbark Books & Native Arts!

9 Writers Who Perfectly Capture What It’s Like for Jews of Color by Nylah Burton

20 Books by Black Jewish Authors You Should Read by Emily Burack

Beyond the Count: Perspectives and Lived Experiences of Jews of Color (Jews of Color Initiative)

Black-Jewish Relations in the United States from Jewish Virtual Library x Encyclopedia Judaica

Books for Adults list from the Jewish Multicultural Network

The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Defund the Police Resource Guide (Showing Up for Racial Justice)

Enough Is Enough! A 150-year performance review of the Minneapolis Police Department (Expanded Edition 2020) from MPD 150

A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota edited by Sun Yung Shin

Handbook for Jewish Communities Fighting Mass Incarceration from T’ruah

Religion and Race (1963) by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Slavery’s Reach: Southern Slaveholders in the North Star State by Christopher P. Lehman

A Toolkit for Addressing Criminal Justice at the Local Level from the Jewish Council for Public Affairs

Podcasts & Radio Programs

via Joyous Justice

Call to Mind: Spotlight on Black Trauma and Policing (MPR)

Can We Talk? Episode 43: Black Lives Matter (Jewish Women’s Archive)

Catalyst: with Unite & Rebuild MSP (KFAI)

Community voices on the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing (MPR)

Jews Talk Racial Justice with April and Tracie (Joyous Justice)

Kuumba Hineni (Jewfolk Podcast Network)

Momentum (Race Forward)

Roxane Gay, Anna Deavere Smith and Tay Anderson on the protests’ hope and despair (PBS)

Somali Link Radio: with Abdu Rahman (KFAI)

Identity/Crisis Episode 54: White Supremacy, Policing, and the Jews (Shalom Hartman Institute)

Wholly Jewish (

Why the Court Matters: RBG’s Legacy and the Fight She Leaves Behind (Intersectionality Matters! podcast from The African American Policy Forum)

Film & Video

Yom Kippur Forum on Security and Antiracism (Adath Jeshurun) onYouTube

Anti-Semantics: Sifting Through Whiteness and Jewish Identities (Reboot) on YouTube

Art & Artists on Being Black & Jewish (Facebook)

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Blackness, Jewishness, and America series from Shalom Hartman Institute

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | for Jewish Professionals

Broken Bird (Rachel Harrison Gordon) on Vimeo

Civil Society: More Than a Monolith (HUC-JIR) on Vimeo

A Jewish conversation about Juneteenth (The Forward) on YouTube

Jewish Council on Public Affairs Webinars

White Nationalism, Racism and Antisemitism in America Today

Ending Racism in America: A Discussion with Derrick Johnson, President and CEO of the NAACP

Black Lives Matter: A Conversation on Being Black and Jewish at this Moment

Lunar: The Jewish-Asian Film Project (LUNAR & Be’chol Lashon)

Moving Toward Racial Justice 3-video series (Joyous Justice)

Northside Stories: Shared History, Shared Promise (Northside Achievement Zone & National Council of Jewish Women MN) on Vimeo

Periphery, the short film + the extended series with curriculum for students & community groups (No Silence On Race)

The Price of Whiteness: Jews, Race, and American Identity (Marlene Meyerson JCC) on YouTube

Racism in the Jewish Community: The Uncomfortable Truth (Ilana Kaufman) on YouTube

Standing in Solidarity (Bend the Arc) on FB Live

‘Start Repairing The Wrong’: St. Paul Passes Resolution To Create Slavery Reparations Commission on CBS Minnesota

Tisha B’Av: Mourning and Reimagining Safety (Bend the Arc) on FB Live

Who Counts? Race and the Jewish Future (Ilana Kaufman)

Courses & Communities

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Audacious Hospitality (Union for Reform Judasim)

Guide to Bystander Intervention (Hollaback!)

Guide for Facilitating Anti-Racism Conversations (At the Well)

In Solidarity – Around the Shabbat Table (OneTable)

Living the Legacy Civil Rights Lessons (Jewish Women’s Archive)

Tips for Creating Effective White Caucus Groups (Craig Elliott, PhD)

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(Un)Learning with Kids

Anti-Bias Education articles, lesson plans, kid lit, & more from the Anti-Defamation League

Diversity in Jewish Children’s Books (Kveller)

Elmo’s Dad Explains BLM (Sesame Street)

Embrace Race


How to Talk to Your White Kids About Racism by Natalie Oleson

How We’re Talking to Our Black Jewish Kids About George Floyd by Alina Adams

A Jewish Anti-Racist Reading List for Children of All Ages by Lior Zaltzman

The work of Julius Lester

My Kids Are Black and Jewish. To Them, These Identities Are Inseparable. by Jessica Keith

Ramsey County Library book recommendations

Talking About Race (Nat’l Museum of African American History & Culture / Smithsonian)

Talking Race with Young Children (NPR)

Talking With Kids About Racism (PJ Library)

They’re Not Too Young to Talk About Race! (The Children’s Community School)

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Individuals & Accounts to Follow

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Aaron Freeman (Sciency Optimist) (YouTube)

Aaron Samuels (Instagram) (Twitter) (Web)

Amadi Lovelace (Twitter)

Amy Albertson (Instagram) (Twitter) (Web)

Anthony Mordechai Tzvi Russell (Twitter)

April N. Baskin (Twitter) (Instagram)

Ashager Araro (Twitter) (Instagram)

Aviva Davis (Twitter) (Instagram)

Bentley Addison (Twitter)

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (Twitter) (Instagram) (Substack) (Web)

Evan Traylor (Twitter) (Instagram) (Web)

Faith Kalson (Instagram)

Hannah Bronfman (Instagram)

Rabbi Isaama Goldstein-Stoll (Instagram)

Jonny B. Mitchell (Twitter) (Instagram)

Lara Monroe (Twitter)

Marra Gad (Twitter)

Michael Twitty (Twitter) (Instagram)

Nadine Batchelor-Hunt (Twitter) (Instagram) (Web)

Natasha Díaz (Twitter) (Instagram) (Web)

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Natasha Tripplett (Twitter)

Nissim Black (Instagram) (Twitter) (YouTube)

Noah Shufuntinsky (aka Westside Gravy) (SoundCloud) (YouTube) (Twitter)

Rachel Harrison-Gordon (Twitter) (Vimeo)

Raven Schwam-Curtis (TikTok) (Instagram)

Rebecca Pierce (Twitter) (Instagram) (Web)

Robin Washington (Twitter)

Rabbi Sandra Lawson (Twitter) (Instagram)

Shais “MaNishtana” Rishon (Twitter) (Instagram)

Shekhiynah Larks (Instagram) (TikTok)

Sheree Curry (Twitter)

Shirley Gindler-Price (Twitter(Web)

Tahuonia Rubel (Instagram)

Tema Smith (Twitter) (Instagram)

Tony Westbrook (TikTok) (Instagram)

Tova Ricardo (Instagram)

Yaf Newman (Instagram)

Yasmine Esther (Instagram)

Yitz “Y-Love” Jordan (Twitter) (Instagram)

Zac Stern (Twitter)

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