Boppa’s (Not So) Secret Challah Recipe



When choosing bread for Shabbat dinner, chances are you’ve done one of three things: make challah, buy challah, or pull out a few hot dog buns, maybe a slice of Wonder Bread and say voila! My family’s traditions have run the gamut – let’s just say that hot dog bun disguised as Challah isn’t just […]

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Mount Zion to Host Exhibit of Jewish Life in Canada



The exhibit will be on display in the month of June. The US-Canada border is the longest undefended border in the world. For nearly 250 years, the Jewish community has made important contributions to life in Canada, from human rights and architecture to government and the arts.  This valuable legacy is explored in a new, […]

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Jewish Concerts This Summer!



The summer weather already has us shvitzing — what the heck, Minnesota?! But summer in Minnesota means plenty of summer concerts to get to! And what better way to embrace being Jewish than attending a “Jewish” concert? We’ve rounded up all of the biggest Jewish headliners making their way to the Cities this summer and we give […]

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