Who The Folk?! Iola Kostrzewski


There is one common thread running through Iola Kostrzewski’s background, whether it’s the treasurer for the Somali American Famers Association, or it’s her newest role with the Minnesota Engagement Director […]

Who The Folk?! Sheree Curry


A trailblazing journalist, Sheree Curry has had a long and varied career. But much of her work has happened at the intersection of race and Judaism. The former Jewfolk board […]

Celebrating Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Feels Extra Important This Year


The holiday season is upon us, and this year it feels more special and important than ever before. My home is interfaith and intercultural; this year we will be celebrating […]

Antisemitism Is Alive and Real


I was in Atlanta for a large conference for Jewish camp professionals and professionals from organizations whose work complements/collaborates with Jewish camping and took a Lyft ride from the conference […]

Who The Folk?! Milo Beyene


For Milo Beyene, fighting for equity and fairness started at a very early age — even for slightly mundane things. Now, it’s for more important issues, as they settle in […]

Who The Folk?! Noah Gerding


After a career in fundraising for non-profits around the community, Noah Gerding is now working at one that is very close to his family: The Sholom Foundation. We talk about […]

Jew Review: “The Prom”


The Prom has two intersecting storylines: one is a simple story about a gay girl in the small, fictional town of Edgewater, Indiana. Emma wants to go to her high […]

Who The Folk?! Sara Greenhalgh


Growing up a Jew of Color in Minneapolis, Sara Greenhalgh experienced more than her fair share of racism in Jewish spaces. Those experiences have helped direct her to the variety […]