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In 2023/5784 Hanukkah is sundown December 7 to sundown December 15.

About This Holiday

Celebrate Hanukkah (My Jewish Learning)

Hanukkah (Chabad)

Hanukkah (Aish)

Hanukkah (Reform Judaism)


All events listed at Central Time and are on Zoom if no location is noted. Submit an event here or email [email protected].

Customs, food, melodies of Sephardic Chanukah celebration (Or Emet) 10 a.m. Sunday, December 3. Talmud Torah of St. Paul (768 Hamline Ave. S, St Paul)

Winter Symphony Orchestra Concert (Minnesota JCC) 7 p.m. Tuesday, December 6. Capp Center (1375 St. Paul Ave., St. Paul)

Thursday, December 7 (1 Candle)

Chanukah Celebration & Menorah Lighting (Chabad Minneapolis) 5:30 p.m. Sabes JCC (4330 Cedar Lake Rd., Minneapolis)

Songs to Re-root and Remember: Hanukkah Edition (Minnesota JCC) 7 p.m. Westwood Hills Nature Center (8300 W Franklin Ave., St Louis Park). $10

Friday, December 8 (2 Candles)

Shabbanukkah: 20s & 30s Hanukkah Shabbat Dinner (Beth El) Beth El Synagogue (5225 Barry Street West, St. Louis Park)

Light Up the Night (Adath Jeshurun) 5 p.m. Adath Jeshurun Congregation (​10500 Hillside Lane W, Minnetonka)

Saturday, December 9 (3 Candles)

Hanukkah Shabbat Brunch (Moishe Pod Twin Cities – Young Families) 10 a.m. Private home (RSVP for location)

Singing, Havdalah, and Hanukkah Candle Lighting (Shir Tikvah) 5 p.m. Shir Tikvah (1360 W Minnehaha Pkwy., Minneapolis)

Chanukah Soiree (Chabad YJP) 7:30 p.m. Modist Brewing Co. (505 N 3rd St, Minneapolis). $22 – 36

Sunday, December 10 (4 Candles)

Hanukkah Cookie Decorating Class (The Beancounter’s Sweets & Hopkins/Minnetonka Recreation) 1:30 p.m. The Marsh (15000 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka). $51

Lights & Strikes (Chabad Maple Grove) 3 p.m. Sundance Entertainment (15240 113th Ave. N, Maple Grove). $7-10

Chanukah Lights for Israel (Beth El) 4 p.m. Beth El Synagogue (5225 Barry Street W, Saint Louis Park)

Chanukah in Wayzata Menorah Lighting (JCRC & Chabad Minneapolis) 4:30 p.m. Panoway Plaza (688 Lake St E, Wayzata)

Stories of the Season: Hanukkah (Shir Tikvah & PJ Library) 4:30 p.m. Shir Tikvah (1360 W Minnehaha Pkwy., Minneapolis)

Community Chanukkah Celebration (Minnesota Hillel & Chabad UMN) 7 p.m. Northrop Plaza (84 Church Street SE, Minneapolis)

Monday, December 11 (5 Candles)

Cocoa and Candles Hanukkah Celebration (JCRC) 6 p.m. Barry Family Campus (4330 Cedar Lake Rd., Minneapolis)

Tuesday, December 12 (6 Candles)

Hanukat Habayit (Beth Jacob) 5:30 p.m. Beth Jacob Congregation (1179 VIctoria Curve, Mendota Heights) $12-50

A Palace of Tear and Songs: A Night Communal Music, Singing, and Justice (Shir Tikvah) 6 p.m. Shir Tikvah (1360 W Minnehaha Pkwy., Minneapolis)

Chanukah Wonderland (Gan Preschool) 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, December 6. Mall of America (60 E Broadway, Bloomington). $10

Wednesday, December 13 (7 Candles)

Parade of Light (Chabad Minneapolis) 5:30 p.m. Chabad Minneapolis (2845 Hedberg Dr., Minnetonka)

Thursday, December 14 (8 Candles)

Latkes and Learning: Political and Spiritual Tools for Dedicating Ourselves to Home (Shir Tikvah) 6 p.m. Shir Tikvah (1360 W Minnehaha Pkwy., Minneapolis)

Vegan Hanukkah Potluck (Jewish Veg–Twin Cities) 6 p.m. Private home (RSVP for location)

Atid Hanukkah Feast & Festivities (Adath Jeshurun) 6:30 p.m. Adath Jeshurun Congregation (10500 Hillside Lane W, Minnetonka)

Pajamakkah Party (Chabad Macalester-Groveland) 9 p.m. Chabad Macalester-Groveland (1546 Portland Avenue, St. Paul)

Cabaret of Lights: A Hanukkah Burlesque Show 7 p.m. Saturday, December 16. Capri Theater (2027 West Broadway Avenue Minneapolis). $18-36

Hanukkah Cookie Decorating (Moishe Pod Twin Cities – Young Families) 3:30 p.m. Sunday, December 17. Private home (RSVP for location)

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Chag HaBanot/Eid Al-Banat

In 2023/5784 Chag HaBanot is celebrated from sundown December 12 – sundown December 13. The holiday coincides with Rosh Chodesh Tevet.

About This Holiday

Chag HaBanot (@henmazzig)

Chag HaBanot: The Festival of the Daughters (Ritualwell)

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