How Jazz Connected Minneapolis’ Jewish, Black Communities



It is a fairly common experience for one to have their entire image of an individual upended after discovering some previously unknown fact, and this is no less true for historians. Perhaps the biggest shock I encountered during my research on the history of Jews and post-war housing segregation in North Minneapolis was the discovery […]

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The Jews Are Tired With Russell Star-Lack



This is part of Exodus and Equity: Reconciling the History of Minneapolis’ Jewish North Side, a series exploring how Twin Cities Jews were unwitting participants in racist real estate policies that shape today’s inequality in Minneapolis and other Midwestern American cities. In Minneapolis, that history is predominantly tied to two regions — Near North Minneapolis […]

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Policies Of Division & Exploitation



Part 3: As more Black people moved into Near North, it was also assumed that property values for Jewish and white residents would drop and wipe out housing wealth — a self-fulfilling prophecy thanks to redlining policies.

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Introducing Exodus And Equity



It goes without saying that 2020/5780 will probably go down as one of the most unusual and challenging years of our lifetimes. There is much for us to have wrestled with, reckoned with, and grieved. We have lost so much – missed time and opportunities with those we love, missed celebrating smachot in person like […]

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