Meet Our Publishers’ Circle

Publisher Circle members are those whose most recent gift totaled $5,000 or above annually.

Martin & Esther Capp Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation, Maimonides Fund, The Beverly Foundation, Fingerhut Family Foundation, Jacob Garber Endowment Fund, Pat and Tom Grossman Transformational Fund, Heilicher Foundation, Kris and John MacDonald, The Cincinnati Jewish Foundation, Kevin and Nancy Rhein, The Harry Kay Charitable Foundation, Minneapolis Foundation, Tankenoff Families Foundation

Meet Our Editors’ Circle

Editor Circle members have made a contribution of $2,500 to $4,999 annually.

Harold and Cynthia Goldfine, Matt and Rose Horovitz, Michael and Susan Horovitz, Michelle Horovitz and Adam Klarfeld, Jennifer and Scott Lang, Beth and Todd Leonard, Bruce z’l and Bobby Nemer, James and Linda Stein, George Kaplan Memorial Foundation

Meet Our Headliners’ Circle

Headliners’ Circle members have made a contribution of $1,800 to $2,499 annually.

Bryan and Nina Badzin

Meet Our Journalists’ Circle

Journalist Circle members have made a contribution of $1,000 – $1,799 annually.

Robert and Roberta Aronson, The Mike and Linda Fiterman Family Foundation, Don and Rhoda Mains, Libby and Enrique Parker

Meet Our Founders’ Circle

Founders’ Circle members have made a contribution of $500 – $999 annually.

Jacy and Jason Grais, Elliott Kaplan, Jennifer and Jeff Lewin, Leora Maccabee and Sam Miller, Maslon LLP, Mount Zion Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, James and Helain Pesis, David Segal, Alon Ventura and Jenny Javitch, Rabbi Aaron Weininger, Kathy and Howard Zack, The Maccabee Charitable Fund

Meet Our Newsroom Circle

Newsroom Circle members have made a minimum contribution of $180 per year.

Stacy Pinck and Bradley Birnberg, Tim Broms, Stuart Chazin, James and Lisa Cohen, Dr. Elisia Cohen, Matt and Kate Erickson, Dani and Alex Fisher, Drs. Carol Grabowski and Joel Greenwald, Nancy Grobovsky, Holly and Kelly Guncheon, Stacy and Gary Kibort, Marvin and Judie Liszt, Oleg Ryaboy and Nadia Maccabee-Ryaboy, David Milavetz, Mount Zion Temple Cantor’s Discretionary Fund, Abigail Rose, Amy Shapiro, Steve and Michelle Waller

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