Jewish? Jew-ish? It doesn’t matter, we want you to write for us. Topics range from personal Jewish experiences, reviews of Jewish media, your search for the NJB and much more. Basically, if you have an solid idea, we have an outlet. We appreciate the community voices and happily pay our freelance writers per article as we share with our growing audience. In addition to being on the website, your article will be shared on our Facebook, Twitter, and our weekly email newsletter.

Want to write but feeling blocked? Here are some prompts to get those fingers typing:

  • Being a new Jew in town
  • How politics shape your Jewish point of view / how Judaism shapes your politics
  • Your interfaith family
  • Parenting
  • Jewish spirituality
  • Love & Dating
  • Tales of your conversion process/life as a convert
  • Being Jewish in the Twin Cities
  • Your volunteer work with a Jewish organization, in Minnesota, or abroad
  • Just what makes the perfect latke/blintz/gefilte fish
  • Restaurant reviews with a Jewish twist

Send all inquiries to [email protected]

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