Beth Kieffer Leonard, MN Accounting Maven, Honored By The Jewish Agency

Beth Kieffer Leonard, managing partner of Lurie, LLP, an accounting and consulting firm in Minneapolis, has spent four years as the chairperson of the Jewish Agency for Israel’s budget and finance committee. In that time, most of it during the pandemic, she helped the legacy organization sort out its finances and build philanthropic endowments to […]

St. Paul Antisemitic Flyers Blame Jews For Gun Safety

An antisemitic flyer that claimed “every single aspect of gun control is Jewish” was allegedly distributed to homes near the Talmud Torah of St. Paul on Monday. The flyer included imagery of a revolver being crushed in a fist over the Israeli flag and a Star of David opposite a satanic pentagram. Twenty-one Jewish lobbyists, […]

Ukraine Chabad Emissaries Tell Of Life And War In Kharkiv

Before Feb. 24, Sora Levinson and her husband, Rabbi Chaim, weren’t sure if Russia was going to invade Ukraine. In the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, where they served as Chabad emissaries, no one seemed very worried. “The local people were very calm, which is actually different than in 2014, when Russia also invaded,” Sora […]

Antisemitic Covenants Found In Ramsey Tell Partial, But Complex, Story

In 1947, the cluster of houses on Ridgewood Lane North and Ridgewood Lane South in Roseville had an identical legal clause inserted into each of the property deeds. “No part of the above described property shall be sold, conveyed, mortgaged, leased or rented to any person of negro [sic], Chinese, Japanese, or Hebrew descent,” the […]

Vikings Owner To Be Next Chair Of Jewish Agency For Israel

Minnesota Vikings co-owner Mark Wilf, a longtime advocate for Holocaust education and survivors, has been appointed as the chair of the Jewish Agency for Israel’s board of governors.  Wilf has served in a variety of Jewish communal roles, most recently ending his almost four-year tenure as the chairman of the Jewish Federations of North America. […]

Klezmer, Ukrainian Party Music Takes Center Stage At The Cedar

Sarah Larsson is inviting just about everyone to come to her wedding. Well, ok, maybe not the wedding ceremony itself. But the Jewish community is definitely invited to the after-party: a night of Ukrainian and Jewish music at the Cedar Cultural Center on June 2 featuring klezmer fiddler Jake Shulman-Ment, the Ukrainian Village Band, and […]

GOP Apologizes As Simon Responds To Soros Video: “We Don’t Need More Incitement”

Steve Simon, Minnesota’s Jewish secretary of state, found himself in an unusual position this past weekend: photoshopped as a Stephen King character and dangling from Jewish billionaire George Soros’ puppet strings in a campaign video from Kim Crockett. Crockett, the Minnesota GOP-endorsed candidate for secretary of state, showed the video at the state GOP’s convention, […]

Nursing Homes Will Fail Without State Help, Sholom Says

During January’s omicron wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, leadership at Sholom, Minnesota’s Jewish long-term care organization, started panicking. At one point, 60 employees were sick with COVID and unable to go to work. For an organization with roughly 530 workers, down from about 900 pre-pandemic, losing staff to sick leave was devastating. “We were inches […]

GOP Candidate, Buffalo Shooter, Profess Jewish Conspiracy

Kim Crockett, the Minnesota GOP-endorsed candidate for secretary of state, which oversees elections, thinks Minnesota has less election integrity than every part of the U.S. except for California. And at the MN GOP convention this past weekend, she made it clear that Jews are to blame. Crockett played a video that showed Steve Simon, Minnesota’s […]

MN Book Center Panel Boosts Hebrew And Yiddish Printing

Dr. Noam Sienna, a historian and calligrapher, has a bone to pick with modern Hebrew fonts. “Here in the United States, if people need to put Hebrew on something, they basically just type it up on their computer with…the equivalent of Helvetica,” he said. “We’ve lost some of the appreciation of what the artistry of […]