Living Life On Two Planes


Last week I went to bed very late every night.I had to stay up to see that the day’s hostages were finally safely in Israel. I felt that if I […]

The Science of Religion: Observations from a Jewish Astrophysicist


If you go camping in the Southern California desert, outdoorsy experts will tell you to bring heavy blankets and check your shoes for scorpions. But while you’re preparing for tent […]

I March For…


On Tuesday, November 14, at a most absurd time in the morning, I joined 183 other Minnesotan Jews (let’s just call it 180 for Chai) on a trek to our […]

The Day After D.C.


“We cannot forget. We don’t want to forget. We want everyone to remember, so that the same thing won’t happen again. I wish my kids would take more interest in […]

Searing Memories Brought Home From Three Days In Israel


Walking through Kfar Azza where 58 Jews were brutally murdered was gut-wrenching. Literally. Even a month later, you could smell death. This was just one of the searing memories I […]

Toward Softening


This is a hard time for our people. The hardest in my lifetime. I believe that Israel has a right to exist and to defend itself, and I believe that […]

The Altercockers Need Bats


Back in 2011, I used TCJewfolk to advertise my services as a solid third-baseman with doubles power. I don’t care if someone felt bad for me or if the need […]

The Journey To Getting Out Of Israel


Saturday, the U.S. Embassy contacted us and put us on what might have been one of the last government-chartered planes out of Ben Gurion to Athens. This morning, as coordination […]

From Israel Bonds To Am Yisrael Chai


My grandma never gave me toys for my birthday or for Hanukkah. I didn’t get books or action figures or video games or baseball cards or any of the things […]