The Ultimate Air Fryer Latke Recipe

Happy Hanukkah Jewfolk! Let’s talk latkes and let’s get real. We all love them, but we hate to make them. We love the smell of freshly fried latkes, but we hate the smell that permeates every nook and cranny of our homes for many more than 8 nights. We love the traditions associated with mincing […]

Reviewing NYC’s Baz Hanukkah Bagel

A few weeks ago it was brought to my attention that a bagel shop in New York was selling a Hanukkah bagel package on Goldbelly. For those of you who aren’t aware, Goldbelly is a service that allows you to order high-end/gourmet foods from restaurants across the country. Want pastrami on rye from a legit […]

Israeli Treat Taste Test

Several weeks ago, I asked my 9-year old what she wanted for Hanukkah. I was surprised that one of her requests was “treats from around the world.” What a wonderful and different response than the one I thought I would receive. But wait, from where and what exactly? Lucy knew exactly what she wanted – […]

Jew Review: Chickies At MOA

Here’s a fun fact that has absolutely nothing to do with this piece: supposedly every entrance to the Mall of America is adorned with a mezuzah. Here’s another fun fact about MOA: The Jewish owners of the mega-mall always like to have at least one kosher food option for its customers. Up until recently, the […]

Get Your Baseball Fix While Supporting Team Israel

So 2020 hasn’t quite lived up to expectations – from a global pandemic to the killing of George Floyd, it’s only June and we all want this year to just end. Let’s be honest, it’s been rough. Real rough. Part of the collateral damage stemming from the aforementioned pandemic was the suspension of the Major […]

Learning The Idiosyncrasies Of Fatherhood

My dad isn’t on social media, so I figured I’d go a little more longform. He likes to Google me sometimes too…so now he’ll have this to find. I really like words and there are some that just stick with you. One of my all-time favorite words in the English language is idiosyncrasy. And as […]

Jeff’s Jewy January

One of the things that drew me to TC Jewfolk years ago was the fact that through the internet and social media, there was no judgment about me or my Judaism. It was and is an online community for all of the Jews here – regardless of how we participated, where we participated, and with […]