About TC Jewfolk

What is TC Jewfolk?

  • The Twin Cities’ only independent Jewish news, events and culture online media hub devoted to engaging, informing, and connecting the Twin Cities’ local Jewish community.
  • A non-profit entrepreneurial start-up celebrating “a thousand ways to be Jewish.”
  • Committed to providing readers with wide-ranging entry points for engaging outwardly in Jewish life locally and reflecting inwardly on Jewish identity without being proscriptive about what it means to be Jewish today.
  • Using online engagement and storytelling to bring together a spectrum of authentic voices and innovative content to help Jews and those seeking to connect “Jewishly” forge vibrant personal and communal connections to local and global Jewish life.

TC Jewfolk’s Strategic Plan can be found here.

TC Jewfolk’s Summer 2014 Readership Surveys (of Twin Cities Jewish community leaders, and our general readership) can be found here.

Who is TC Jewfolk …

Our Staff

Libby Goldstein Parker is the Executive Director of Jewfolk Media, Inc. Libby grew up in warmer climes (think southern California and Las Vegas) but has made Minneapolis her home since 2007 where she happily takes full advantage of the fantastic schools, the quality of life and, of course, the weather. With three kids, there isn’t much free time, but Libby’s husband keeps insisting they are going to get out into nature and be very active. Libby comes from a career in non-profit, foundation, and Jewish communal work and could not be more excited to meet you at a local community event, get a coffee with you, or hear from you via email at libby@tcjewfolk.com.

Lonny Goldsmith is the Editor of TC Jewfolk and Director of Communications for Jewfolk Media, Inc. Lonny is an award-winning journalist who is involved in his third Jewish community after growing up in Michigan and spending a three-year stint in Chicago. He is not a native of Minnesota, but hopes people will learn to deal with it. He likes to write, cook and drink really good beer. He dislikes negotiating with his children to eat dinner yet gets sucked into it anyway. He can be reached at lonny@tcjewfolk.com or on Twitter @lonny_goldsmith

Amelia Gavurin is the Director of Corporate and Community Engagement for Jewfolk Media, Inc. Amelia is our official RM (Resident Millennial), which means she teaches us how to use all the new tech. Seriously, Amelia is working on a community-wide Jewish business networking group as well as a volunteer-led fellowship program to help welcome newcomers and young Jews to our community. Hit her up for a coffee date at amelia@tcjewfolk.com.

Our Writers

We pride ourselves on representing unique voices in the Jewish Community. Is that you? Read our submission guidelines if you are interested in writing for us.

Our Donors

TC Jewfolk would not exist without YOU, our donors – individuals, private foundations, businesses, and Jewish Federations.  We thank you all by name, here.

In 2014, Leora Miriam Maccabee, founder of TC Jewfolk, received a Natan/NEXT Grant for Social Entrepreneurs to further develop TC Jewfolk’s work to engage, inspire, and connect young Jews in the Twin Cities Jewish community. Thanks to the Natan/NEXT Grant, TC Jewfolk hired monthly bloggers Galit Breen and Nina Badzin, a weekly Arts and Culture blogger, and Campus bloggers. The grant has also enabled TC Jewfolk to launch new marketing efforts, including two community-building events to be held in 2014 and 2015.

In addition to Natan and NEXT, TC Jewfolk is also proud to have the support of the following Foundations: The Harry Kay Charitable Foundation, Minneapolis Jewish Federation, The George Kaplan Memorial Foundation, Jon and Robin Parritz Family Philanthropic Fund, the Machov Family Philanthropic Fund, Kelen Family Foundation, and the The Mike and Linda Fiterman Family Foundation, The Martin and Esther Capp Family Fund of the St. Paul Foundation, The Heilicher Family Foundation, The Beverly Foundation, and The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota.

In August 2014, TC Jewfolk launched a new “Founder’s Circle” for the organization spearheaded by a group of Donors committed to ushering the organization into a new era of sustainability, strength, and success with a 2014 donation of $1,500 or more, or pledges of $500 or more for each of our pivotal next three years – 2014, 2015 and 2016.  TC Jewfolk’s Founder’s Circle members are recognized here.

 Our Board of Directors

Nina Badzin, Sheree Curry, Jenny Dennis, Joe Fahndrich, Ilan Gordon, Brad Hanly, Heidi Kraus Kaplan, Andrew Lifson (Treasurer), Leora Miriam Maccabee (President), David Milavetz (Secretary), Ethan Roberts, Jim Stein, Mike Waldman (Vice President), and Joshua Winchell.

TC Jewfolk’s parent nonprofit organization is called Jewfolk Media, Inc. It’s EIN is 27-4463056 and here’s our IRS 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status letter.

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  1. Hello Jewfolk,
    I have been working on an interfaith project for over 3 years. I am interested in families daling with the interfaith challenges.
    Are there any contacts you can give me?
    Please respond with information you can offer in this area.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Sharon – there are lots of Twin Cities synagogues and organizations that are reaching out to interfaith families. Are you local? Email me at Leora@tcjewfolk.com and I’ll send you what I have. Thanks!