What is TC Jewfolk?

  • The Twin Cities’ only independent Jewish news, events and culture online media hub devoted to engaging, informing, and connecting the Twin Cities’ local Jewish community.
  • A non-profit entrepreneurial start-up celebrating “a thousand ways to be Jewish.”
  • Committed to providing readers with wide-ranging entry points for engaging outwardly in Jewish life locally and reflecting inwardly on Jewish identity without being proscriptive about what it means to be Jewish today.
  • Using online engagement and storytelling to bring together a spectrum of authentic voices and innovative content to help Jews and those seeking to connect “Jewishly” forge vibrant personal and communal connections to local and global Jewish life.

TC Jewfolk’s Strategic Plan can be found here.

TC Jewfolk’s Summer 2014 Readership Surveys (of Twin Cities Jewish community leaders, and our general readership) can be found here.