“Addams Family” Musical at the Ordway: Get the Discount!

THE ADDAMS FAMILY cast. (Photo by Jeremy Daniel)

Don’t mistake the sensational new Broadway musical, “Addams Family,” coming to the Ordway theater this month for a remake of the 1991 and 1993 movies with Anjelica Houston and Raul Julia that – if you’re anything like me – you were obsessed with in middle school. The Broadway touring musical – with music and lyrics by Drama Desk Award winner, MOT Andrew Lippa, and Jersey Boys authors Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice – is based entirely upon Charles Addams’ macabre cartoons from the New Yorker, and not on the movie you probably associate with everything “Addams..”

That said, you’ll still find your favorite characters – Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Grandma, Wednesday, Pugsley and, of course, Lurch – and the new original story is brilliant, and every father’s “nightmare”: what should the Addams family do when princess of darkness Wednesday Addams falls in love with a “normal” boy?  The musical has gotten rave reviews including “Wackily entertaining ” (Toronto Star), “4 Stars! Uproarious!” (Bloomberg), “You’ll Laugh a Lot” (Wall Street Journal) and “A wonderful new musical for the entire family” (Barbara Walters).

But don’t just listen to the reviewers (including me) – watch the trailer yourself and get excited… and then keep reading for your chance to get a stellar discount to the show or win a pair of free tickets! [By the way, if you’re reading this from Madison, WI, the show is coming to your town this week – click here for the rest of the touring schedule.]

So what’s Jewish about this show?

Douglas Sills (Gomez) and Sara Gettelfinger (Morticia) in THE ADDAMS FAMILY.

Andrew Lippa and Nathan Lane (sorta). I say sorta since Nathan Lane was in the original Broadway production as Gomez, but is not in the touring production (bummer, right?), so I’m going to focus on Andrew Lippa.

Lippa was born in England but grew up in a suburb of Detroit. After college at the U of Michigan he moved to NY to teach music and eventually to pursue a career in theater. You’d know his work if you’re a theater buff or a cartoon lover – he had roles ranging from writing a few songs to writing the full book and music in several musicals including Goodspeed, A Little Princess, The Wild Party, and You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  In 1998, Lippa was commissioned by the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver to create an anthem for a concert celebrating Israel’s 50th birthday, to be sung by 350 singers and conducted by Sergiu Comissiona of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Okay, you’ve convinced me. The show looks awesome and Lippa seems talented – how can I score a pair of free tickets?

Cortney Wolfson (Wednesday) and Patrick D. Kennedy (Pugsley) in THE ADDAMS FAMILY. (Photo by Jeremy Daniel)

TC Jewfolk is giving away TWO pairs of tickets to a performance of Addams Family at the Ordway Theater of the winners’ choice. What do you have to do to win? Just answer this question in the comments to this post before this Thursday, May 3rd at midnight:

Wednesday and Pugsley can be pretty evil to each other (one of the famous Charles Addams cartoons features the children trying to poison each other).

What is the meanest thing you’ve ever done or said to a sibling? Or, if you have only been kind to your sibling(s), what’s the meanest thing they’ve ever done to you?  If you’re an only child, or had a perfectly nice childhood, tell us the meanest thing you’ve seen/heard done to a friend of yours.

We’ll draw the winners randomly first thing Friday morning, so expect to hear via email if you’re a winner. Good luck!

If I don’t win the free tickets, what’s this cool discount you mentioned earlier?

‘Nuff said.

See you at the Ordway!


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  1. My little brother and I used to fight, actual Adam’s family style fighting, like chasing each other around the house with knives and lighters and physically fighting until someone got hurt or broke household items! On one particular occasion we ended up putting a body sized hole in the Sheetrock in the upstairs hallway (dad made us patch it ourselves, hence where I learned to Sheetrock!).

  2. Obviously I’m the nice sibling so I will share what my evil sister did – I was 18 and she was 12. I was staying with her while our parents were out of town and I decided to have a “few” friends over. Of course the minute the rents got home she told them all about and she told them where the extra booze was! What a brat…

  3. When I was babysitting my youngest sister for a few nights in a row, I decided to end this whole “make going to bed take 3 hours” routine she’d been getting away with as a 3yo, and when she got back out of bed, I locked her in her room, and turned on Fleetwood Mac really loudly so I couldn’t hear her yelling. By night 3, she figured out if I was in charge, she should just go to bed when she was told. 😉

  4. My older sister and I are two years apart. When we were young, she used to let me play with her friends. But then as she got older, she refused to let me visit and hang out with her friends. I was hurt that she was shutting me out and decided to get back at her by telling her friends about her occasional bed wetting habit. Needless to say, was mortified that I would share such an embarrassing secret and refused to talk to me for 1 week.

  5. I’m told that when I was two, shortly after my sister was born, I went into her room, and said mockingly, “Oh, Abigail, you’re so cute.” Then I proceeded to bite her toe.

  6. Vandalized the house with his name in marker so that he would get in trouble for drawing on things.

  7. My only sibling is my sister, 6 years older. She convinced me once that aliens had landed on top of the house and had me freaked out. I got her back 20 years later… with a great speech at her wedding reception.

  8. After an argument, I deleted all of my brother’s unread emails. He was foolish enough to have given me his password long ago.

  9. I am an only child. My best friend told her sister to never set foot in her house again after using her clothing without permission.

  10. Ever since I can remember, I had problems with split thumb nails. I would complain and cry about nails to my older sister and to any other family member who would listen. Flash forward about 30 years. During Christmas dinner, I recounted my childhood woes concerning my split thumb nails. I had foolishly thought that they just had come off during my sleep. “Not so,” says my adorable older sister. “I couldn’t stand all of your complaining, so I waited until you were asleep and then I tore them off.”

  11. And the winners are John R. and Diane! I’ll email you with details! The rest of you should buy tickets to this fun show – use the deal above! Thanks for reading!