Minnesota Mamaleh: “Merry Christmas” Grumps

You know when you walk into a store, a movie theatre, a restaurant, a bus, really ANYWHERE anytime after Thanksgiving, and you buy your gift, movie ticket, meal, bus ticket and so on, you inevitably get wished a “Merry Christmas?” How do you feel about that? Warm and fuzzy or … not so much?

Minnesota Mamaleh: Your Baby, in the Army?

Veteran’s Day rolled around last week and incited a variety of emotions. Was anyone else’s facebook news feed teaming with complaints about not having the day off? Hmm…For most of us, Veteran’s Day gave a moment of pause to reflect upon people whom we love, admire and respect for committing and sometimes sacrificing themselves for our country and for us.

Minnesota Mamaleh: “Bestest” Family Time

Our life is kid-centered. We organize our day-to-day around our little ones and their activities. Zoo, Children’s Museum, Science Museum, we’re so there. BUT, I’m going to be honest with you here, we’re not necessarily as family-centered as we’d like to be. We’re not fantastic at everyday Family Time.

Minnesota Mamaleh: You Birth ‘Em, You Name ‘Em

In our married adventures my husband Jason and I have had our ups and downs in decision making. Sometimes I give. Sometimes he gives. And let’s just face it—sometimes we test each others’ limits just to see who will blink first. One of our biggest decisions together was naming our children. Such a big deal! We wanted something beautiful, meaningful, musical and well, to be honest, easy to pronounce.